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Alright, y'all. Let me preface this article by suggesting you take all of this with a grain of salt. Many grains of salt, actually. But grains of salt that would be really freaking great if they turned out to be — actually, forget it. This analogy fell apart. Whatever.

ANYWAY. Yesterday, Heroic Hollywood created a tiny bit of buzz when it revealed hearing rumors that none other than [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158)star John Boyega might be meeting with Marvel to discuss a role in the upcoming Black Panther. I'll note that HH itself worded it as "hot, unconfirmed scuttlebutt," meaning it was only tentative chatter at best.

But circumstantial evidence has been trickling in that points to the rumors maybe being not quite as farfetched as at first they seemed. First, the Best of Marvel Twitter account noted that Boyega posted a "Meeting" update on his Snapchat account shortly before Kevin Feige himself started following Boyega's account on Twitter.

"Come with me if you want to be in 'Black Panther.'"
"Come with me if you want to be in 'Black Panther.'"

Again, none of this is hard evidence that Boyega has sat down with Marvel execs to discuss a role. But considering Disney's way of conducting business, it wouldn't be a surprise. Boyega is already part of the House of Mouse with his starring role in The Force Awakens, and Disney has shown in the past it really likes working with talent with which it's already familiar — hence fellow The Force Awakens and The Jungle Book star Lupita Nyong'o being cast as the female lead in Black Panther last week. She's just one of the many examples of Disney (and subsequently, Marvel) casting the same actors and actresses with whom they've built a good relationship in multiple projects.

Boyega and director Ryan Coogler are already acquainted, so there's a familiarity there, too. And Boyega hasn't exactly been shy about the fact he would love to be a part of Black Panther, having gone on record as saying he was gunning for the role of T'Challa shortly before landing the role of Finn in The Force Awakens.

And in a recent interview with The Empire Film Podcast, Feige said the ensemble cast for Black Panther will be next level:

“That will be amongst the best ensembles we’ve ever had, and 90 percent of the cast is either African or African-American.”

Marvel is now in a place where it has both the bankroll and brand recognition to land some serious talent — just direct your gaze at the cast of Doctor Strange, which looks like the lineup of an Oscar bait film. With the likes of Nyong'o, Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Boseman already having signed on the dotted line for Black Panther, it just seems like a no-brainer that Boyega would also be joining the team.


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