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It has long been rumored that three key figures would finally be getting the spotlight within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, with how dangerous, violent, and unstable these "heroes" are, it seemed unlikely they would ever be able to get a movie green lit, especially given the lighter tone the MCU has. That was before we saw what the Netflix/Marvel team up was capable of doing. Daredevil and Jessica Jones offered fans a darker and far more serious outlet for their Marvel needs and wants. Remember this badass fight in Daredevil Season 2?

Now it seems that three new characters will be joining the Defenders on the online screen: Ghost Rider, Blade and Moon Knight. With Blade being heavily rumored — there's even speculation on plot details — and Ghost Rider's success seeming very much in the cards, it's time we focus on Marvel's (arguably) cooler version of Batman: Moon Knight.

Moon Knight — The Blade of Vengeance

Moon Knight is one sick and twisted individual. Actually, he's four individuals. Moon Knight, Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley are all serving as the avatar to the God of Vengeance and Justice Khonshu. He has no fear, instead using his bright white costume to stick out in the knight and strike terror in his enemies. He enjoys branding his enemies and has even sliced his foes' faces off. Clearly, it was going to be a long time before we saw this underrated hero find his way to the screens. Now that he reportedly has however, who do we want to see join him?

1. Daredevil

Having joined Daredevil's unnamed superhero team before and frequently helping the Defenders (though never officially joining the team) having Daredevil make an appearance on the show would be a fantastic way to tie Moon Knight's show into the greater Netflix universe and in turn into the MCU. As you see above, Moon Knight was also featured in the 2011 Big Shots alongside Daredevil and Punisher, both of whom are now firmly cemented into the Netflix world, so seeing either one of them make a cameo (or even having a larger role) is not a completely ridiculous idea.

2. Bushman

If the Netflix shows has taught us one thing, its that they seriously know how to handle a villain. Kingpin in Season 1 of Daredevil and The Purple Man in Jessica Jones are standout villains. That is why I believe Bushman would be the villain of choice for Moon Knight's series. A former mercenary like Moon Knight, Bushman is essential to the mythos of Moon Knight. Before Marc Spector became the avatar of Khonshu, he was a simple mercenary — until Raoul Bushman came around. Bushman nearly killed Spector and left him for dead, a decision I'm sure he later regretted. It was in this nearly dead state that Spector was transformed into Moon Knight by Khonshu. In his new form, Moon Knight sought vengeance on the man and ultimately killed him. However, Bushman's story didn't end there, as he was later resurrected by Scarecrow (a longtime Ghost Rider villain, which would make a perfect way to connect the two new shows).

3. Frenchie

Alright, so a guy named Frenchie might not seem too interesting. However, think of him as Moon Knight's cooler version of Alfred (we seriously can't get away from the Batman connections, can we?). Jean-Paul "Frenchie" DuChamp was a Soldier of Fortune (a mercenary) working in Africa during the same time as Marc Spector. The two became fast friends alongside their other friend Raoul Bushman (but we've see how that friendship turned out). After Bushman went crazy (which is saying something when talking about Moon Knight), Frenchie fought alongside his newly transformed friend to fight against Bushman and eventually the two of them escaped to America together. Frenchie served as Moon Knight's pilot and engineer, even creating a super cool vehicle called the Mooncopter, and from time to time would help in combat situations. However, Marc eventually became a recluse and pushed away his long time friend. At this time, Frenchie became more comfortable with his homosexuality and started dating Rob Silverman. The two of them opened a restaurant called En Table and lived happily ever after (not really, comic book characters don't get to live happily ever after).

There you have it, these three characters have to be a part of the new Moon Knight show otherwise I refuse to watch it (not really, still going to watch it). It would be a shame if any of the characters mentioned above didn't make some kind of appearance, as they are all majorly important in the formation of who Moon Knight really is.

To read more about the routes Netflix and Marvel could take with Ghost Rider and Blade, head over here.

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