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Fans of Moon Knight have been singing his praises and praying to Khonshu that there favorite crazy vigilante would finally get the Netflix nod. And according to, Moon Knight has moved another step closer to coming to Netflix! Netflix has been batting a thousand when it comes to getting the personalities of the Marvel characters right. Hopefully, with Moon Knight, this won't be any different. There are three traits that are a must when it comes to getting Moon Knight right.

Multiple Personalities

Moon Knight is completely insane and suffers from multiple personality disorder. First, there is Marc Spector. Marc is his original personality and maybe the one that people see more often than most. Jake Lockley is the personality that is the blue collar guy. H drives a cab and talks like a hardcore New Yorker. Steven Grant is rich, sophisticated and gets Marc into higher society functions. And Moon Knight is the avatar of Khonshu. Then there is Mr. Knight. He's Moon Knight, but he wears a suit sometimes. Most heroes and villains will adopt personas and then abandon them. Spector creates them and keeps them, and sometimes he can't go back to his "normal" self or control when a personality takes over. There was also that time he had Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America's personalities running around in his head.

People love crazy heroes. Not only does this add depth character to the hero but it's also fun. Watching Marc bounce from personality to personality will be entertaining to see. It'll also add to his personal life if and when he gets a love interest and she's not sure who she is talking to.

Violent and Tough

There aren't many people in the Marvel universe that are as ruthless as Moon Knight. Not only is Moon Knight ruthless, he is alsocreative with his brutality. Moon Knight used to brand criminals every time he sent them to jail. Some guys would end up with rows of crescent moon scars across their foreheads. I guess they didn't learn theirlesson the first time around. In some cases, the beating he gives people might be a lot worse than death. They are sometimes left paralyzed and or unable to control many of their bodily functions.

On top of his creativity and brutality, Moon Knight absorbs punishment like it's his superpower.The quote that exemplifies this is something Taskmaster said to Marc Spector as the two were fighting. "Never met a punch you wouldn't rather take than dodge, have you?". But it works for him. So much so that Taskmaster once went after him and all but pooped himself when he realized that all the abuse that he was inflicting on Moon Knight was doing nothing and that he didn't fear death. I guess that happens when you die a bunch of times.

The Vestments

Maybe the most important thing is keeping Moon Knight an avatar of his god Khonshu. Some people might think the religious angle would be a bit much for a television show, but it's a major part of what makes Moon Knight who he is and why he is a hero. He wears white at night in service of Khonshu and so his victims can see him coming. Because when they see him coming, their hands are shaking so much they couldn't hit the moon. I know we live in a time where religion is a sensitive subject with people, but this isn't something that should be sacrificed to make a few people feel comfortable.


All in all, these are three aspects of Moon Knight's personality that absolutely have to be there. Moon Knight, like the Punisher and Jessica Jones, is not a character that is for everyone. He's violent, brutal, ruthless, and crazy enough to make even Deadpool seem sane at times. But all of this makes Moon Knight one of the more interesting characters in Marvel.

What else makes Moon Knight so great? Let me know in the comments below.


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