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It would be a understatement to say that the second season of the CW's hit TV series, The Flash has been incredible. Every episode has been action-filed and story-driven. We've been on an emotional roller-coaster this entire season, and so have the characters. But is Barry about to snap?


The cast of The Flash
The cast of The Flash

Needless to say, Barry Allen has not had a very easy life. Throughout the series, he has been facing traumatic experience after traumatic experience, and it isn't getting any easier for him.

Zoom has proven to be the toughest super-villain that the Flash has ever faced, having stolen his powers, making him the fastest man alive. Could his villainy turn Barry into a monster himself?


Let's face it: Barry has been heading for a dark turn since the beginning of the show. Characters in the show have said themselves that he has a tendency to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. As it has been proven time and time again, he just can't save everyone. Perhaps the most heartbreaking, and the likely final straw, occurred in the most recent episode entitled: "Invincible."

Barry Allen was once again proven weaker than Zoom when he was forced to watch as his father was murdered (in the same room as his mother) by his arch-nemesis. This is sure to send Barry mad, now that he once again realizes that he is NOT invincible.

Viewers of the show may recall Zoom taunting Barry earlier in the episode, telling him that he cannot beat him because he cares too much about the ordinary people, distracting him from the real fight. Will Barry actually heed this advice and resort to Zoom's level in order to beat him? He might have to.

We can all safely say that the Flash and Zoom are going to duke it out in the season finale. The Flash will win (if he doesn't, that will make for a very depressing Season 3). In the final fight, Barry will be fueled with the rage he's acquired throughout the course of the season, with the death of his father at the forefront of his mind. And rage can make a good man do very bad things...

My Prediction: Barry will KILL Zoom.

Now before you say: "Barry's killed metas before," I know. He's kinda killed metahumans before, but they were almost always killed by an overload of their own powers, not by Flash's hand. Not to mention, he's never killed out of hatred before, only out of necessity.

Back at the end of Season 1, the Reverse Flash fell by Eddie's hand, not Barry's. However, had Barry beaten him, had the Reverse Flash been at his mercy, Barry would not have been in a place where he would have killed him. Now, we can't say the same.

So, let's say he DOES kill Zoom in cold blood, saving the city and his friends, what does that mean for Season 3? My best guess is that it will be a dark, dark season. Barry may fall into a habit of killing when he doesn't have to. In the end, HE may need to be stopped himself.

Superheros turned dark are nothing new to us. Remember Spiderman 3? Aside from the dancing, Peter Parker took a severely dark turn for a while there. Even the incorruptible Superman has killed before in disturbing ways. Can the Flash be next?

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