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Harley Quinn Solo Movie: The Heroes/Villains We Need to See Join Harley Quinn (and Who Should Play Them)

Margot Robbie has embodied Harley Quinn and DC.

There are rumors that Margot Robbie is set to bring to life a female heavy DC film. This rumored movie is so top secret that it'll leave Sherlock Holmes empty handed. All we know is Margot Robbie is set to be heavily involved both in front and behind the camera. She's obviously playing Harley Quinn, but she's fully engaged in all things DC. According to The Hollywood Reporter Robbie brought on a writer to help with this upcoming female heavy DC Film.

A Birds of Prey movie has been rumored for a while. Quinn was never a member of the Birds of Prey. However she was definitely a foe as a member of the Secret Six. A group of six individuals that aren't exactly villains nor are they heroes, but misfits for hire. When hired by the Azerbajan they are pitted against the Birds of Prey. Twisting the story a bit could see an epic team battle and captivating story that involves in someway the kidnapping and torturing of Black Canary. Or she could see herself at the center of a heroic big screen depiction once again as a member of the Birds I'd take the former. Without further ado here is who must join Harley Quinn in Margot Robbie's film.

Harley Quinn - Margot Robbie

Katana - Karen Fukuhara

Oracle/Batgirl - Jena Malone

Dinah Lance/Black Canary - Yvonne Strahoviski

SPOILER!!!! Canary was killed off on Arrow, which means without a doubt she's set to make a big screen debut. Canary is the mentor to the Young Justice Team, love interest of Oliver Queen, former student of Wildcat, and one of the most dangerous women in DC. Canary is a lawyer by day and hero by night. Her signature is the Canary cry, but her martial arts skills top every member of the Birds. The founder of the Birds is sure to make her debut here before joining the Justice League.

Why Yvonne? Yvonne is already part of DC in a way lending her voice of Kathy Kane in Batman: Bad Blood. It was her role as Agent Sarah Walker on Chuck that made her perfect for this role. Strahoviski has been a fan favorite for roles like Captain Marvel and Catwoman. But I saw her as someone else I saw her as something else, Black Canary (see what I did there).

The Huntress Helena/Rosa Bertinelli - Gemma Arterton

The Huntress is the daughter of a mobster who becomes a deadly vigilante seeking revenge on those who killed her family. She's one of the original members of the team founded by Black Canary and Oracle.

Why Gemma? Gemma Arterton may be a bit too big for the role, but I think her status is needed to make this movie a draw. She's making her rounds in Hollywood. I'm sure you all know why was the pick. It was her role in Hansel and Gretel:Witch Hunter that made this an easy choice. Before that she was in Prince of Persia as Tamina as a guardian and the same role in Clash of the Titans as Io. Her ability to play a fighter with her natural ability to play and elegant role shows her diversity. For Helena though she's sexy and a bad girl, she would kill it.

Vixen/Mari Jewi McCabe - Yaya DaCosta

Vixen has been featured on CW's online content in a short very short animated web series. She's a former model turned bad @$$ hero thanks to bonding totem That allows her to channel any animals and utilize their abilities.

Why Yaya? Yaya isn't a well known actress, she's currently staring in the 100th Chicago based show, Chicago MD. She also stared as Whitney Houston in a controversial TV movie titled you guest it... Whitney. In Lee Daniels: The Butler she stood out in her minute role as a Black Panther she was strong, mesmerizing, and intense. She'd absolutely own Vixen.

Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy - Elizabeth Banks

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are like Batman and Robin, they are two peas in a pod after Ivy saves Quinn's life. I'd imagine the botanist queen is sure to be featured in a film with Harley Quinn. They have to configure a story line to fit Ivy in would be ideal and a great way to see this duo team up. Oh yeah in the New 52 Ivy is a member of the Birds of Prey until she turns on them.

Why Elizabeth? Well, for one she's hella sexy which is needed for Poison Ivy. Most importantly she can bring any character to life. In Man on a Ledge she plays a serious role as a negotiator but her role in Hunger Games is evident of her endless well of versatility.

Other Heroes/Villains We Need to See

Wildcat - Dylan McDermott

Mentor and trainer to Batman, Superman, Black Canary, Mr. Terrific, and many more. He's known as the greatest boxer to ever live and is trained between a number of other fighting styles.

Why Dylan? McDermott had his hand in action roles Olympus Has Fallen was one as an Antagonist, Forbes. He's a really good actor I first noticed him on American Horror Story as John Morgan and Ben Harmon. The latter he played a cheating husband and the father of a troubled teen then again as. He's a really actor whose sure to make Wildcat memorable.

Barda - Gina Carano

Barda is villain initially who becomes a Birds of Prey member and JL hero. Barda could be a story of her own, raised to be a warrior in Darkseids army trained by Granby Goodness only to turn over a new leaf. Barda, for this film would be a former warrior from Darkseids army. She would be forced into teaming up with WW and Superman as they head to battle to face Granny Goodness.

Why Gina? Gina Carano may not be the best actress, but she has built a nice resume for herself. She was great in Haywire and did her thing in Fast & Furious 6. She was featured as Angel Dust in Deadpool which was a pretty great intro to the super hero genre. Kickboxer: Vengeance is her next film. I think she could have been a decent addition to Wonder Woman, but as Barda she would be pretty excellent.

Strix - Ali Larter

Strix is a physically deformed former Talon. A victim of WWII bombing in Oregon Strix became a circus performer then eventually member of The Court of Owls. She's a member of the Secret Six and Birds of Prey.

Why Ali? She's a pretty low key actress with just a few big name films under her belt: Varsity Blues, Final Destination, Obsessed, and of course the long lasting Resident Evil as Clarie. Her gun toting bad girl heroic role gives me confidence she'd do well as Strix.

Scandal Savage - Lauren Cohen

If it isn't obvious she's the daughter of Vandals Savage. She's a Secret Six member by force after being blackmailed.

Why Lauren? Thanks to Walking Dead Cohan isn't exactly unknown, but she's still just getting started. Her versatility is fantastic. As Maggie on Walking Dead she's seen a character shift from a God fearing farm girl turned leader. She was an @$$ kicking vampire Rose on The Vampire Diaries. On Death Race 2 as September Jones she was a business savvy cutthroat producer. Recently she starred in the horror film The Boy. As Scandal Savage I'd imagine she'd own the role and make it a memorable one.

Lady Shiva - Zhang Ziyi

Shiva is arguably the deadliest assassin in DC. She trained Tim Drake and is the mother to Cassandra Cain (Batgirl). She's worked with the Birds as Jade Canary for a time after Infinite Crisis.This would a great way to introduce fans to the baddest chick in DC and hopefully see her take off on her own.

Why Zhang? Ziyi had an iconic role in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Her resume is huge she's definitely a legend in China. I couldn't imagine putting anyone else in this role. It may seem common, but she's too perfect.

Savant - Jake Abel

Savant is has some issues, one being his sporadic amnesia he's a one time vigilante not because he wanted to save lives, but because he has the skill set. He then heads an organization specializing in blackmail. He along with his partners Creole capture and torture Black Canary, oh and he has a thing for Oracle. For a movie I'd imagine something would have to change. He along with Creote need to be pure bad.

Why Jake? He has the look of someone with a couple of screws loose. Case in point was in Percy Jackson as Luke where he was the son of Hermes whose a cocky, brash bad guy. As Savant he'd be purely a villain with a few screws loose until Oracle rehabilitates him.

Creote - Kristofer Hivju

Creote is a a Russian operative and partner to Savant. He's the other guy that tortures Canary.

Why Kristofer? Simply because of his role on Game of Thrones as father Ygritte and leader of the Wildlings, Tormund. Look at him he's intimidating. As Creote he'd be a great villain.

Well that's all folks comment, like, share, and tell me who you'd like to see join Margot Robbie. For reading I leave you with this parting gif (get it?)


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