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By now, you’ve probably heard of the rumors. Marvel may be adding three new characters to their popular Netflix collection. Two of these character have already stepped into the mainstream with their own movies. Blade and Ghost Rider weren’t the most popular film franchises, but the characters have enough of a fan base to be worth a reboot. The third character though, has never been seen on screen despite fans calling for him for quite some time. Moon Knight is finally set to make his MCU debut!

The mentally-unstable and much more violent version of Batman has thrilled fans on the page for years. Now though, he will get the chance to really show everyone what he can do. A lot of you probably don’t know who Moon Knight is. That’s because he’s not a major character in the Marvel universe. He’s not the son of a nation or a thunder-wielding demigod or a giant green rage monster. So let me take a moment explain just who he is and who else we can expect to see in this series.

Marc Spector

Marc Spector is an ex-mercenary who, well, died. He was left for dead while on a mission in Egypt and after his heart stops, he is confronted by a vision of the Egyptian god Khonshu. The god offers him a second chance at life if he agrees to serve him. Spector is then granted powers that are never fully understood and becomes the crime-fighting vigilante known as Moon Knight. The powers aren’t all he was given though. He is also plagued visions of the god as he appears to demand his bidding be done.

Aside from Moon Knight, Spector also takes on two other aliases, both serving a very specific purpose. Steven Grant is a millionaire entrepreneur who not only provides all of the tech that is needed for modern day crime-fighting, but also grants him access to places Spector would not be welcome. Jake Lockley is a taxi driver that keeps his ear to the streets, allowing Moon Knight to keep his finger on the pulse of the city. While each alias serves its purpose, they also each become a part of him as he slowly loses his identity and develops a multiple personality disorder.

Spector is nothing like your typical hero. He’s unstable, violent and constantly at war with himself and the visions of the god that is pulling his strings. He’s crazy enough to wear all white when he fights crime at night because he wants them to see him coming (take that Batman). He’s an incredibly complex character and that is why comic fans love him, and it’s why fans of the series will love him also.

Like any other hero though, Spector would be nothing if not for the people around him. We can definitely expect to see two of his closest friends in the series as well.


Marlene Alraune meets Spector on that very same mission in Egypt. After a member of Spector’s crew kills her father, Spector saves Alraune himself. The two returned to the United States together where they became friends and eventually a couple. Alraune stands by Spector every step of the way and even helps out with some of the crime fighting, despite not having any powers of her own. However, when Spector starts to lose his mind she takes notice and refuses to take part in his mission to kill himself.


Jean-Paul “Frenchie” DuChamp has been by Spector’s side since the beginning. He is the Robin to his Batman, the Bucky to his Cap. He’s a skilled pilot and fighter and very loyal to Spector, despite not always agreeing with his methods or motives. Eventually, even he notices Spector’s slip into insanity and refuses to watch him lose himself.

Those are the characters you don’t know. Let’s talk about some character that you do know that might pop up in this series.


Echo is a gifted hand-to-hand combatant with a unique disability. Despite being hearing impaired, she is able to use her instincts to hold her own with anyone when it comes to combat. I mean, she infiltrated The Hand and became an Avenger in the comics. She can do just about anything.

Echo crosses paths with Moon Knight in LA when his mission interferes with her being an undercover agent. The two fight along side one another to take on a super-villain with a plan that involved stolen Ultron technology. I won’t spoil this storyline for anyone, but I’ll just say it doesn’t entirely go their way.

The Punisher

There you go. Here’s one you’ve definitely heard of. Spector and Frank Castle have crossed paths on several occasions. With their backgrounds and violent natures being so similar, it was kind of hard for them not to. Castle has the reputation of being Marvel’s bad boy. He’s not a villain, but he’s certainly no hero. He can serve as sort of a reference point, as Spector has all of the same violent tendencies that he does but with half of the mental stability. In other words, if you thought the Punisher was crazy you haven’t seen anything yet.


I get that it’s unlikely that we see Spidey cross over onto a Netflix series, but this gives you an idea of Moony’s (that’s what Spidey calls him) importance in the Marvel Universe. Teaming up with a big gun like the wall crawler means your name is out there. The two are an interesting team-up because of their contrasting styles. Spidey’s strong stance against killing obviously clashes with Moon Knight’s desire to please his god. This would make for an interesting fight on-screen.

Now that you know all of the potential “good guys,” how about we hear about some potential villains.


Profile is a calculating, character studying genius that can predict anyone’s actions by learning their tendencies. He was hired by some bad people to manipulate Moon Knight into serving their purposes. He’s definitely a behind-the-scenes kind of bad guy that would need some help creating a legitimate threat to Moon Knight. That’s where this guy comes in...


The Taskmaster is an unbeatable hand-to-hand combatant with the ability to learn and match the style and skill of anyone he fights. Because of these abilities, he is a master of every type of martial art and capable of using any type of weaponry he can get his hands on. The two have had some epic fights and Taskmaster has quite a following of his own. Bringing such a popular villain to the series would be great, but perhaps one villain makes more sense than anyone else...

Raoul Bushman

Bushman is the member of Spector’s crew from the mission in Egypt that I’ve mentioned before. He is the one that killed Alraune’s father and left Spector for dead. He is the main cause of Spector’s anger, fear, hatred and just about every other emotion that caused his slip into insanity. The visions of Khonshu even eventually take the shape of Bushman. This is the quintessential Moon Knight villain and I would be surprised if we don’t see him in the series.

What exactly will be happening in this series? Like most other comic heroes, Moon Knight has several great story arcs to choose from. Here are some options...

The Bottom

This is the story that I would see as the most likely. It involves the return of Bushman as he attempts to exact revenge Spector for the events of their past. After a vicious fight between the two, Moon Knight bests Bushman and defaces him. I mean that literally. He literally carves his face off.

This is the pinnacle of Spector’s insanity. Throughout the arc he completely loses his mind and all of the people around him. It even goes as far as Alraune walking in on him wearing the severed face of Bushman, creating the final push for her to leave him altogether. Khonshu takes the shape of the faceless Bushman until Moon Knight confronts him again. Talk about a crazy story.

Moon Knight Takes LA

As I mentioned before, Spector eventually heads west. He starts a new life as a television producer, while still maintaining his life as a vigilante. The interesting thing about this story arc, aside from his introduction to Echo, is the new personalities he has taken on.

It appears that he is working with Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine in LA, going to them for advice on how the situations should be handled. Each one represents a different ideal with Cap and Wolverine being on the opposite ends of the spectrum and Spidey somewhere in the middle. Eventually though, it is revealed that none of the heroes are actually there, but rather Spector has been seeing them in his head. He even goes as far as using a claw, a web-shooter and a shield when he fights.

Mr. Knight: Protector of Night Travelers

This is the most recent version of Moon Knight. The suit wearing Spector is now solely out to protect those who travel by moonlight. He still has all of the skills and tech, but now he is a bit more legitimate. He works with the police and adopts a slightly less violent way of handling his business. This doesn’t seem like a likely story arc for a first season of the series, but it could be something we see down the line. Keep an eye out for a white suit in Spector’s wardrobe.

The one thing that we know we will see in this series is...


The Egyptian moon god that saves, creates and then corrupts Moon Knight will be an integral part of the show. In many ways, he will serve as the villain of the show himself as he breaks Spector down from the inside. Whether he takes the form of a faceless Bushman, an ancient statue or a skeletal bird-like creature, Khonshu will be lurking in the shadows, tormenting Spector.

The rumors have not yet been confirmed, but fans are getting very excited about the potential of this series. This could become the best on-screen superhero project we’ve ever seen. Now it just all has to come together.


Are you excited for a Moon Knight series?


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