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We recently got the news that an amazing short horror film, Lights Out, would be made into a full length film. It will be starring Teresa Palmer and have James Wan as one of it's producers. The original 3 minute short film was terrifying and the trailer for the new film doesn't fall short. I've been watching quite a few short horror films and found a few that should be made into full length films.

In case you missed it, here is the trailer for Lights Out.

Live Alone

A young girl moves out on her own for the first time. Suffering from mono-phobia, she begins to fear living alone and fears she may be losing her mind. It's an interesting idea to touch on. I enjoyed how the notes kept changing in her kitchen, so she wasn't sure if someone was coming into her apartment or it was all in her head. Her raising paranoia helped increase the film's tension. Great psychological film!

The Nanny Cam

A single mother stays home alone on Halloween night, already a bad idea. She has nanny cams setup throughout her home. Suddenly, some of the cameras activate her television. Is she alone in her house? This film took a simple idea and made it work. This could be a great slasher flick!

The Girl In The Photographs

A young photographer finds a picture of a young woman while in the park. He sees the young girl in the distance and heads towards her. However it may not end the way he thinks. I loved the end. Her photo goes from holding two fingers up, to holding up three!


A man wakes up to the sound of thunder. He begins to walk through his house, thinking he saw someone standing at his bedroom door. Not seeing anyone, he gets a drink, sees a woman standing in his living room, and then the lights go out. A great use of first person POV, not as annoying as most found footage films. The song reminded me of Insidious! Overall, very creepy!

2am: The Smiling Man

I've seen a few different takes on this short tale, but this one was my favorite. It seemed more natural, which gave it a more terrifying vibe. A man walks alone one night and comes across a smiling man. At first he doesn't think anything of it, until the smiling man begins chasing him. The smiling man looks pretty creepy!

Honorable Mention: The Clown Statue

Touching back on an old urban legend, a young babysitter fears the life size clown in the owner's home, only to find out they don't own a life size clown. This has always been a horrifying tale. I've heard it's based off of a true story, which is mentioned in this film. Plus it's a damn clown! I always wanted to see this stretched into a full length film. There is an amazing part of a film called Amusement, which uses this story. The creators of this short film have actually taken this idea and created a full length fill called Fear Itself. I'll leave the short film and full length film trailer below.

All the creators of these films did an amazing job!


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