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Here are two of the best things about horror movies:

They can take pretty much any object and make it haunted, cursed, possessed, or all three.

And they will NEVER run out of those objects!

If you weren't afraid of your car tires, you will be after watching one of these movies, now streaming on Netflix or Hulu!

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We'll start off with the obvious one-


Curse of Chucky

Not exactly reaching the childhood-ravaging effects of the original, but still using a cursed doll named Chucky who kills, kills, and kills some more!

Dead Silence

Ventriloquist dummies are creepy enough as it is, but take one that might be haunted by its dead ventriloquist himself, and you get a whole bucket of nope.

VHS tapes

These are like really old blu-rays, if any of you young whippersnappers were wondering.

VHS, VHS2, & VHS:Viral

If a mysterious someone or group of someones offers you money to break into a home and steal one VHS tape, please don't do it. You'll probably end up dead, or freeing a girl trapped in a well.

Video Cameras


You know it's going to be a bad day when you receive a video camera from God knows who, and are told to keep filming or else. Or else what? Well, it involves a mother freakin' clown, so just...yeah.



I'm a huge fan of antique mirrors and all, but put on in my house that makes me see my own body decaying in it, or a mirror-eyed woman, and Iā€™m smashing that sucker into a million bits.

The Mirror

This one will make you think twice about buying anything on eBay. Always make sure you ask if that mirror you just outbid ladiesman0205 for is haunted!


The Babodook

Pop-up books? Great! Ones that tell a story about a monster who terrorizes you after you learn of its existence? Not so great.

Car tires


This horror masterpiece is about a car tire named Robert, and it's ability to blow up little animals and people who cross his path.

Now Hulu'ing


Puppet Master I & II

Psychics, immortality and killer puppets. That says it all!



Man, there went my childhood. Ran right over the damn cliff.

Keys, even?


Sounding like something out of a Saw movie, a forensic pathologist finds a key inside this guy, and creepy sh ensues. It also involves a guy committing suicide by hanging himself from his kid's treehouse. WHY TREEHOUSES???

An entire house


Inspired by a Japanese horror film (aren't they all?), this one involves a really evil house with extremely evil objects that eat people, like light fixtures, grandfather clocks, and pianos.

Every machine ever

Maximum Overdrive

Machines come alive! What else do you expect to happen when a comet flies by earth? Other than massive amounts of kool-aid drinking, of course.

First and last ever death by pop machine! Classic!

Animal body parts

The Monkey's Paw

A monkey's paw that grants three wishes, but things go bad when...what? Are monkey paws not a common thing?

What's your favorite scary movie?

Involving normal, everyday objects, anyway?


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