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After grossing over $971 million worldwide and the movie is already halfway from its release, the buzz about Captain America: Civil War isn't cooling down yet. A lot of reviews about the box-office film are still coming and if you didn't watch the movie more than once, you probably didn't perceive some easter eggs you might want to know.

A considerable number of easter eggs have already been noted by movie critics especially those which are referring to the upcoming Black Panther movie in 2018. However, despite some hidden messages in the film that you've already seen or read from different articles or videos in the internet, this one might be something you probably didn't spot because you're too busy catching up with your favorite superheroes.

So, if you still haven't seen Captain America: Civil War, sorry for you because this article contains some spoiler events that occurred in the film.

After the bombing incident at a conference in Vienna, where the Sokovia Accords are to be sanctioned, King T'Chaka, Black Panther's father, was killed and security footages show that the bomber was The Wonter Soldier. Sharon Carter gave the informations to Steve and Sam of where they could find Bucky and the intentions of the government to kill him. Rogers, together with Wilson, went to Bucharest, where Bucky was currently living, in the hope to protect his old friend and comrade from the authorities but ended up being arrested.

In the scene where Falcon's technical suit and Captain America's shield was being impounded by the government, Sam Wilson said something to the authorities.

"I don't wanna see someone flying around with those." He said as he watches his tech being confiscated.

With much being said, that may just be an ordinary statement from Falcon but it might also be a hint on the rumored villain in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie whereas Vulture's wings may come from Falcon's tech since in the end of the movie, when Steve helped Sam, Clint, Wanda and Scott escape the Raft, they didn't seem to retrieve their respective suits and gadgets.

So, hat do you think of this easter egg? Comment it below and let me know. Thanks for reading!


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