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If you look at all the superhero movies that are coming in the next few years, you might hear someone say “we need more superhero movies” and look at them like they're crazy.

All the heavy hitters have either had their movies or shows, like The Flash and Superman. But what about those lesser known heroes that haven't had a chance to shine, and whose stories could really make for one hell of a movie?


You and your friends find out your parents are part of this weird murderous cult? You run away and find a telepathic dinosaur and a mysterious book? A movie about this group of kids has fun written all over it! Obviously, some of it is pretty out there, even for a comic book, but done right, this movie could bring in a whole lot of kids!


You read that right. No Batman (well, maybe a guest more than 5 minutes though), just Robin. After teasing us in Christopher Nolan's trilogy, and pissing us off with Batman & Robin, it's high time the boy wonder gets his own movie. He can become Nightwing, get killed by the Joker...hell, he can even talk about boners-

Just give him some time to shine!


This probably won't happen for a very, very long time, but who wouldn't want to see a movie about a woman who has superhuman strength, can fly and stick to walls, and shoot bio-electric blasts of energy? Plus, she can make the fellas feel good just by being around them, thanks to a pheromone she produces. Best of all? Different backstory than Spider-Man!


What better way to get The Hulk in a new movie, one without all those other guys, than to have him save his cousin Jennifer's life? After nearly getting killed by a crime boss, Bruce Banner gives her his blood to save her. That, combined with her being really pissed off, gives birth to She-Hulk! Not only are there 100's of gorgeous actresses out there who could nail this character (Erica Durance, I'm talkin' to you! Please come back to Superheroland!), but unlike her cousin, She-Hulk retains her brains when she hulks out!

Martian Manhunter

The possibility of making a movie bases solely on a guy's backstory doesn't usually sound too good, but with J'onn J'onzz, it could be entirely possible! How he comes to be, up until he watches his family die, due to his twin brother's madness, could be a feature-length film all by itself. Or at least half of one, with the second half having him become John Jones, becoming one hell of a supercop. And so many of us could totally identify with him...I mean, he likes Oreo cookies!

Any other superheroes that you think need their own movies? Better hurry...Marvel and DC almost have them all covered!


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