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It's been fifty years since the crew of the NCC-1701 first flew onto our screens, inspiring us with Gene Roddenberry's optimistic vision for the future. Star Trek quickly became iconic, sparking multiple spinoffs and a long movie franchise.

But in the last ten years, it seemed that Trek's time on TV was over. The Paramount movie franchise took off, to mixed reviews, and the critical response to the most recent films left many fans pining for the golden age of Trek TV shows. Naturally, the news of the 2017 Trek show was met with universal approval, and now we finally have the first teaser trailer to whet our appetites. Check it out.

In a beautiful homage to The Next Generation, CBS introduced the new show in style, as we race across the solar system with stunning special effects. Granted, there wasn't much information in the trailer itself, but we can rest assured that there will be new crews, villains, heroes and worlds in the 2017 show.

There is a small plot hint we can pick up from this trailer — the fact that they referred to "crews" rather than the singular "crew," implies that the show might follow more than one ship (oh, and it's highly likely that none of these ships will be an Enterprise). This ties into the rumors that the 2017 show will be an anthology series, with each subsequent season set in a different era.

Star Trek's vast timeline.
Star Trek's vast timeline.

Although the series will clearly forge ahead into a story we haven't seen before, the classic four-tone theme that accompanied that announcement really amped up the nostalgia appeal. It seems certain that as bold and new as this show will be, CBS is keeping it true to the essence of Trek's past, as the franchise boldly goes back to TV. Roll on 2017!

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