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I'm a film maker based in Northern Califronia, I love movies and love to help people understand the meaning behind films.
Stephen J. Wassung

It seems like more and more Hollywood has been making more remakes then ever, and why is that? Is Hollywood out of original ideas?

To answer that I can tell you Hollywood hasn't run out of original ideas, in fact they have so many scripts that they put on hold due to not finding a studio to fund it or a director to make the film. The thing with remakes is, it can be good.

For me if a studio was to remake a film it have to be at least 20 years old or more. The reason behind this is because a lot of young people may not know about the original (now you could just see the original film) also 20 plus years can have a big impact on how the original film may look. With today's technology it can help make the film better.

Yes there are more terrible or bad remakes then there are good remakes, for me the Robocop remake wasn't as bad as some may feel. The reason is it payed respects to the original Robocop which I felt was a nice touch.... Now take Conan the Barbarian that remake was terrible, and the reason is because they made it just to make money.

The plus side to all of this is if you don't like the remake of a film you can watch the original film. I don't see remakes stopping anytime soon because it can help the films in the long run if done right.

Now if your the type of people who think remakes should never happen, I have one thing that will make you happy. Take Godfather and Godfather Part II those films are what we call master piece films, and in no way would a studio ever remake or reboot those films because they defined a genre and will live up to today. You would have to be completely crazy to even think that someone could remake those films.


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