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In celebration (or mourning, let's be real) of the 14 years which have passed since The X-Files bid farewell from our TV screens — but not our hearts, nor Netflix — we've decided to unearth some of the lesser known facts about the beloved cult series. So, dust of your old shoulder padded jackets and brush up on those conspiracy theories kids, because the truth is out there.

1. I'm a believer — or not.

Despite the early seasons of The X-Files team comprising of firm extraterrestrial believer Mulder and firm sceptic, Scully, apparently IRL these roles are reversed.

Speaking of The X-Files reboot to Reggie Watts on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2015, Duchovny (Mulder) confirmed his staunch view on believers:

"I remember I used to try to answer my fan mail because there wasn't much of it, and they would bring it to me. There were stories that people would tell me about being abducted. They would just make me sad. I thought that these people had issues that they had to deal with. So the answer is: no and never!"

Whereas Anderson told EW in 1994:

”Psychokinesis appeals to me. ESP, telling the future, I love that stuff.”

2. The theme was a total accident!

Composer Mark Snow accidentally rested his elbow on the keyboard's "echo" function and boom! An iconic intro was born.

3. Many episodes were based on real life events!

From the smell of death to The Lone Gunmen Conspiracy Group, it would seem that many of The X-Files storylines were based on real life stories.

4. Scully of the Lambs

Gillian Anderson based Dana Scully on Jodie Foster's Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. Ironic, really, given that her X-Files contract prevented her from taking on the role of Clarice in the 2001 sequel, Hannibal.

5. Never say Never

Jodie Foster continued to haunt Anderson still when she voiced the talking tattoo in the Season 4 episode “Never Again.”

6. Anderson was almost recast because she wasn't a "glamorous bombshell." Err, what?!

Thankfully, rather than opting for a hyper-sexualized sidekick to conspiracy-obsessed brooder Fox Mulder, played by David Duchovny, the producers opted for Anderson after witnessing the chemistry between the two actors, although they worried that a lack of a traditional "sex icon" could have hindered the show's success.

7. The Dana Scully Effect is a real thing

Skully's character — a highly educated, rational, brave and non-plussed medical doctor — ended up being a huge inspiration for countless women and sparked a mainstream interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers.

8. 1,600 gallons of paint is all it takes to create a desert

Yup. To create the New Mexico desert in Vancouver, the team used a literal shit ton of burgundy paint.

9. 'How could Téa Leoni have a crush on me?'

In one episode Scully tells Mulder Téa Leoni has a crush on him, to which he utters the above response. Funny because, in real life, Leoni was actually Duchovny's wife.

10. Cancerman

Was the original name for Cigarette Smoking Man, the show's primary villain. William B. Davis, who played CSM was initially only cast as an extra, but Davis impressed the series creator Chris Carter so much his role was majorly boosted!

What's your ultimate X-Files fun fact?

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