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Warner Bros. had the internet abuzz when it officially confirmed that Harley Quinn would be getting her own solo film following the release of Suicide Squad. This news has made fans of the Clown Princess even more curious about what her role would entail in the ensemble film, and the hype is only building. One prominent member of the gaggle of excited fans is Tara Strong.

Strong is an amazing voice actress known for roles such as Raven, Timmy Turner, Batgirl (in the upcoming Batman: The Killing Joke) and of course, Harley Quinn. She has voiced the part for the Arkham games, DC Super Hero Girls, Lego Dimensions and even showed up for a voice-over in Arrow in Season 2.

With Suicide Squad yet to be released, she won't be donning the Harley Quinn tights anytime soon, but she did take to Twitter to voice her desire to be a part of the action.

I would definitely love to see her pop up in the movie as a barista, maybe with a diamond on her necklace or sporting pigtails as a bit of a nod? Or perhaps as some passerby on the street, watching the news on the TV and saying Harley needs a therapist.

Oh, or maybe we could get Mark Hamill to get in on it and play her sugar daddy. With comic book movies, the cameo ideas are endless, and I think we need to make this happen.

Check out Harley Quinn's first live-action appearance in Suicide Squad in the trailer below:

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