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Last week, we established that Supergirl will be sticking around for another season, moving from CBS to The CW. Today The CW released it's fall schedule, which revealed that Supergirl will be remaining in its usual Monday time slot despite the network change. Originally, CBS' decision to schedule Supergirl against FOX's Gotham was met with criticism, but the female-led superhero drama held its own and brought in rather large viewing figures.

What does Supergirl mean for the Flarrowverse?

Supergirl (CBS)
Supergirl (CBS)

The move to The CW will allow the creative team behind Supergirl a lot more freedom as it will now be among friends. Last season, The Flash managed to cross networks (and Earths) to join Supergirl for an episode, so now that Supergirl is at home on The CW, it would be foolish for the producers to miss out on an opportunity to crossover again. In a recent interview, Arrow star Stephen Amell told Loaded Online that “I think that it’s highly likely that, if you have four DC superhero properties on one network, that that is an opportunity that might not ever exist again, and certainly hasn’t ever existed in the history of television. So I expect them to do something.” Perhaps there will be a crossover featuring Arrow this year, or maybe the trio will feature in an episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. With the potential for more crossovers in the future, The CW is becoming the home of DC superheroes and is giving Netflix (the home of Marvel television) a run for its money. With a new episode of each DC show almost every night of the week, it will arguably be the most profitable year for The CW yet. This technique was previously used by Sky 1, who is the primary broadcaster for all DC shows in the UK.

Supergirl meets The Flash (CBS)
Supergirl meets The Flash (CBS)

Other changes to the schedule include Supernatural, who's time slot has been changed to Thursday 10pm, following Legends of Tomorrow. The Originals is noticeably absent, perhaps being saved for midseason.

What will you be tuning into on The CW this fall? Are you happy with Supergirl's placement? Would you like any crossovers with the other superhero shows? Tell me in the comments!


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