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The CW Network announced their Fall 2016 schedule at the CW Upfront event, last night and it looks like we'll be getting way more superhero action than originally expected. The Flash and Arrow, who have retained their usual 8 PM slot on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively, were the only two superhero shows on the network last Fall. But the number will double this Fall.

Supergirl will be moving from CBS to The CW for its second season. It will retain its 8 PM Monday slot despite moving to a completely different network. Supergirl was supposed to be the only superhero show, apart from The Flash and Arrow premiering this Fall.

But there's been a change of plans!

[DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) will be joining the other three shows of The Flarrowverse in October. The pilot episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the time-travel based superhero team-up show, premiered in January, 2016. The second season of the show was expected to premiere once again in the mid-season. But it looks like there has been a change in plans.

What can you expect from this change?

1. More Episodes: The show being bumped forward could mean that we'll get to see 23 episodes for the second season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, like Arrow and The Flash, compared to the 16 episodes that Season 1 had. Well, that's a whole lot more of Legends.

2. A Four Night Crossover: The Flash and Arrow have had crossovers from time to time over the entire season with supporting characters crossing over. Even Legends of Tomorrow had its share of crossovers with the other shows with the likes of Cisco and Quentin Lance crossing over. But the mega crossover event takes place on the eighth episode of both the shows in December. But if Legends of Tomorrow premiered as usual in January, hopes of a three night crossover would have been close to none, unless Supergirl and Martian Manhunter decided to travel across dimensions to Earth-1 to help Barry and Oliver. And even if that does end up happening, we might get a four night crossover mega event among all the four Greg Berlanti produced DC shows, now that Legends of Tomorrow will premiere in October instead of January. A four night crossover might not be the craziest of ideas, given the fact the Arrow episode of the crossover would be celebrating the show's 100th episode.

3. Less Patrick J. Adams Than Expected: Patrick J. Adams made his debut on Legends of Tomorrow on last night's episode of Legends of Tomorrow as Rex Tyler a.k.a. Hourman. It has been rumoured that he'll play an important role for the entire second season of the show and that he'll join Team Legends. But don't expect him to be around for the entire season. Patrick J. Adams is a busy man. He already stars in a leading role on the hit drama "Suits" which has about 16 episodes per season. It will be impossible for him to appear in all 23 episodes of the season. He could have stuck around for the entire season if it had been of 16 episodes like the first season. A combined total of 39 episodes in a year? An actor's got to rest, guys!

Are you excited to see more of Legends of Tomorrow next season? Let us know in the comments down below.

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