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When you happen to be Channing Tatum, it's almost impossible to take part in everyday tasks such as scrubbing a crusty old lasagne pan or scraping baby sick off your jumper without still looking debilitatingly hot.

Let's face it, Chan could even look good while vacuuming out a septic tank with a clothes peg on his nose and here's a celebration of our fave actor undergoing some deliciously mundane activities and looking fly while doing it. Because, why not?

15. Walking The Dog

Bringing sweaty sunburned realness to the dog walk in the most fetching fashion!

14. Having A Quick Power Nap

My jealously level from Chan getting to nap on the job is disrupting his beauty. Still hot though.

13. Going For A Nice Drive

Popping to Walmart for supplies like...

12. Touristing It Up At The White House

Apparently Channing isn't allowed in like us mere plebs.

11. Whispering Into A Kitten's Ear

Channing Tatum channelling me at any party where the host has a cat.

10. Going Camping

Why didn't the camping holidays I was forced into as a kid look this damn gorgeous?!

9. Driving A Golf Cart

I can feel a desperate urge to play golf coming on and I have no idea why?!

8. Doing Some Casual Math

Living proof that wearing a hoodie with the sleeves cut off can still look stunning.

7. Hitting The Beach

There's no need to show off, Channing!

6. Snapping His Wife

These two are relationship goals to the end.

5. Opening Toys

Evil stare, don't care.

4. Getting A Pedicure

Don't look so guilty Channing, we love you even more for getting in touch with your feminine side.

3. Cooking An Egg

He could Channing that egg all over my Tatum and I wouldn't even care.

2. Feeding A Horse

He rescued a horse and gave it beer. Now that's my kind of guy!

1. Hitting It A Bit Toooo Hard At The Club

The hottest of messes <3

Which chore would you like to see Channing Tatum do?


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