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The Last is a psychological Horror movie that delves into humankind’s primal fears. The film follows a terminally ill man as he spends his last days coping with death and struggles to undo his past sins. While headed to a remote location he stumbles upon a woman. The two become stranded hundreds of miles from civilization. Secrets and lies quickly force them to be suspicious of each other's intentions. They soon discover that they are not alone. Something dark lives in the woods. Something not human.

The movie will be a throwback to classic horror films like The Evil Dead (1981) and the Universal Monster movies of the 1930s-50s. It contains elements of a Hitchcock thriller and at the same time delves into the mystery of a Michael Crichton novel. At the core of the film, it explores the darkest corners of fear and horror as it follows a manʼs journey through the last moments of his life. What would you do if your time was up?

The challenge of making an independent film

A huge challenge that all films face is funding. Without funding the movie cannot be made. We are set to begin filming in January of 2017. Due to our small budget, our shooting schedule will be 30 days. Which is a very tight schedule and is being meticulously planned. Additionally, the entire shoot will be outdoors so we will be fighting against the elements. Like anything worth fighting for it wont be easy.

Your contributions can make the biggest difference and be a stepping stone to lead us on a pathway to success. Our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign contains a pitch trailer to give you an idea of the film’s visuals. Help us make our dreams a reality and bring The Last to the silver screen.

Support this project!

We need your help to make the film. Our budget is $16,000, which is an immensely small budget for a feature film. In Hollywood our budget is not even considered low budget. In fact, it is considered a no budget film. All of the money raised goes directly towards the production of the film. It will be distributed in the most efficient way to produce the best product possible.

Join the campaign, and help us make The Last a reality!


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