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Turles is the main antagonist of the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might. He has a striking similarity with Goku in terms of looks. In fact Hairstyle and Skin tone apart they exactly the same. And thus many fans are constantly assuming that Black Goku might actually turn out to be Future Turles. Though it doesn’t have too many logical backings and wouldn’t really blend will with the plot. Since a huge number of fans has made this claim. I am also going to share my thoughts on if this theory is valid or not.


For those of you who don’t know yet. Future Trunks is coming back on Dragon Ball Super episode 47 which will mark the start of the new arc. And the new main villain is probably going to be Black Goku. He is going to cause so much chaos that it will even include the God of Everything- The Omni-King. So, from the information we got till now, it looks like Black Goku would be a very tricky and strong threat. But we didn’t get any confirmation as to how this is going to happen or what this Black Goku really is. But obviously, we the fans are making predictions and theories in our attempt to find out.

Super Saiyan 3 Trunks
Super Saiyan 3 Trunks

How Turles is Black Goku Theory Is Supposed To Work ( According to many fans) :

For whatever reason Turles in the Future Trunk’s timeline is extremely strong. In-fact he is so much stronger than the Turles we have seen in our timeline. That even Future Trunks had to escape from his hand with his life. Contrary to a non super Saiyan Goku of our timeline or our universe defeating him; he is now so strong that he is messing up time and space. And even forcing the Gods of destruction and the likes of The Omni-king to get involved!

So how will Turles get known as Black Goku or why will Future Trunks think he is Goku?

Because Turles looks like Goku; actually all the low-class Saiyan has the same type of physical appearance and looks. As we see that’s why Bardock also looks like the same as them. Now since Goku is dead in the future timeline. Future Trunks Is going to assume it’s Goku along with everyone else. Also somehow Turles will achieve Goku’s ki so Future Trunks or Future Master Roshi won’t be able to figure out that’s it’s not actually Goku.

However, in our timeline Turles is extremely weak in comparison to the current condition. Then how did he become so strong in Future Trunk’s timeline? I’ve not seen any fans giving any valid theory as to how he got so strong.

So let me do it for them. Maybe in their timeline, Turles never came to earth as early as he did in our timeline. When he came to earth in our timeline Gohan was still a kid. So, there he passed many years visiting and taking powers from different planet using his tree of might. Turles’s aim was always to conquer the universe and even before he came to earth on our timeline he visited many other planets. The assumption here is he kept doing that for many more years before coming to earth in that timeline. And perhaps even learnt to go to other universes like Universe 6, and throughout his journey he might have gained some very dark and magical powers making him unstoppable. And then he appeared on earth when only Future Trunks is alive among the Z fighters and so Trunks is unable to keep up with him and escapes with his life.

Turles Stomps Goku- Dragon Ball Z
Turles Stomps Goku- Dragon Ball Z

Or one can argue that Turles of that timeline is completely different and has a completely different origin. In that case, he can be defined in many ways. Nothing much can be added here.

So as you can see the theory doesn’t sound convincible. Turles can’t be made to appear that strong after what have already been established about him. And it wouldn’t be interesting at all.

Why I Think The Theory Is Invalid:

Firstly, even if Goku was dead in a case of universal crisis King Kai could certainly check if Goku’s soul is in the afterlife or not and inform them. If it came down to it King Kai or the Kaioshins would certainly check and inform Trunks. Secondly, I believe Trunks wished back all the Z fighters in his timeline. I mean why wouldn’t he? That’s like their trait. If anyone dies they wish them back. Bulma very well knows about Namek’s dragon balls and so it would only make sense if they wished them back so, in that case, Goku would be alive. And do not forget future Master Roshi was never killed. So he could easily sense that it’s not the Ki of Goku.

Another thing if it was Turles why would he pretend to be Goku. He is very boastful. He should be like ‘ I am the great Turles’. You know. Unless he became a total freak who can’t speak!

By the way, all these apart; Black Goku is supposed to be a version of Goku. Not someone else. He shouldn’t be Bardock or Turles logically. I highly doubt Toriyama repeating a previously made movie once again. Especially with Turles it would be the exact same thing as the tree of might.

Akira Toriyama- Black Goku
Akira Toriyama- Black Goku

What do you think?

Does the Black Goku = Turles theory really sound even remotely convincible to you?

Do you have any theories of your own?

Comment it in the comment box,



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