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Ever since it was announced that [Supergirl](tag:2246875) would be making the jump from CBS to The CW next season, fans have been abuzz with excitement. Kara Danvers and Barry Allen together again, dorking out like the dorks they are! And now with the potential for fellow adorkable characters Felicity Smoak and Ray Parker to join in! It was enough to put hearts in the eyes of even the most cynical TV viewer. At that moment, we were all Kara when Barry speeds away and comes back with ice cream.

On an earlier conference call with press this morning, network head Mark Pedowitz confirmed that yes, we'd be getting a major crossover event between all of The CW's DC superhero shows — [Supergirl](tag:2246875), [Arrow](tag:720988), [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) and [The Flash](tag:1068303). He also addressed what we've known all along when he admitted he feels Supergirl should have been on The CW from the start.

The CW is already getting the hype ball rolling, having released a new "Superheroes of The CW" trailer, featuring highlights from all four shows, and it gives us a taste of what we might expect from the major crossover event. If it doesn't get you excited about the prospect of the heroes of The CW joining forces to make their own TV version of the Justice League, I don't know what will. Check it out:


Ice cream for EVERYBODY! Except for Oliver. Because Oliver would probably still find a reason to hate it. And everything. Because he is the Grouchy Smurf of The CW Universe.

Also? She's not a superhero and won't be part of the crossover, but how great would it be to see [iZombie](tag:1169542)'s Liv Moore mingling with the superheroes of The CWverse? But sorry, Liv, you're not invited to the party.

Are you already counting down the months to the crossover event? I know I am.


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