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So the trailer for the NBC TV series Powerless just dropped online. The show is set in the DC universe and revolves around... you know what, why don't you just watch the trailer for yourself, yeah? I feel like that would save a lot of trouble. Here you go, check it out for yourself, and then we can talk about all the references in it.

Right, now that you're all caught up, we can take a look at some of the cheeky little easter eggs and references that this trailer makes with regard to the DC universe. You ready? Good, let's jump straight into it.

1) Black Mask

The trailer's resolution really isn't great, but here's a screen-grab of the nefarious villain that's laughing maniacally at the 00:05 mark. He seems to be wearing something very reminiscent of a Black Mask... mask. It doesn't quite look like the actual comic book version of said crime boss, but it looks perfectly fitting for one of his goons. Perhaps they've changed up the aesthetic of Black Mask for the show, or perhaps it's just a coincidence. Only time will tell.

2) Crimson Fox

I'm not even sure that Crimson Fox qualifies as a D-list hero, and it's most likely that she'll have very little connection to her comic counterpart, rather acting as a standard superhero for the show. Her comic version, by the way, is actually a guise used by two sisters: Constantine and Vivian D'Aramis, with Constantine having faked her death so that they could share an identity.

3) Wonder Woman

There's a pretty blatant nod to Wonder Woman at 00:41, with her having supposedly caused some destruction. We even get a little back and forth which reveals that the Wonder Woman of this universe is a demi-God, as opposed to her original origin as a being of clay that was given life by the Gods (long story).

4) Hawkman

Yep, somehow Rolling Stone managed to get some kind of exclusive with Hawkman, an alien from the planet Thanagar with the secret identity of Cartel Hall in case you were wondering. I'd be surprised if we see him show up, but it's nice seeing him in his goofy costume nonetheless.

5) Superman/Clark Kent?

Look, I'm roughly 100% sure that this isn't Superman, but it's clearly a nod in his direction, with the voice-over saying "you never know where power may be hiding". This man is then hit in the back with a chair, and someone else at the office claims to have proof that he isn't Green Lantern. This clearly isn't within either the TV or movie universe DC have at the moment then, because Green Lantern isn't in either of them.

6) Lex Luthor

Further differentiation between this and the other universes is given when we see Lex Luthor, looking very different from Jesse Eisenberg, although I'd assume that this isn't Luthor Jr. like Eisenberg was playing. Also, it seems that Lex hasn't been exposed as a villain if someone is reading his biography. On second thought however, it's an unofficial biography, and I guess the story of a supervillain would most likely sell pretty well so who knows. Also, the cover of this book is actually the cover of a comic by the same name (thanks to Aaron Kelley for spotting that), with one of the creators of that comic - James D Hudnall - being just discernible there.

7) Utility Belt

Here we have a character asking to be someone's sidekick, and pointing out that he has a utility belt, probably as a reference to Batman and Robin, considering that the Dark Knight is the hero most famous for his connection to those two things. Is anyone else finding how much public knowledge everyone has about these heroes slightly weird at this point? Just me? Okay.

8) Aquaman

And of course we get an Aquaman joke, because it's a comedy in the DC universe so it's inevitable that there would be an Aquaman joke. Apparently he's quite the looker in this universe, so they've got that part of the comics right. Or maybe he looks like Khal Drogo in this universe too, I imagine the statement that this girl wants to "nail Aquaman so hard" would still hold water in that scenario. Pun, as always, intended.

Wrapping Up...

Thanks as always for reading. Why not let us know what you're looking forward to about the show, if at all? Alternatively you could let me know your favourite reference or point out anything I missed (inconceivable, I know, but it happens). Either way, I think the show looks... potentially good, but I'm not yet convinced.


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