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We all love vampires. Some of us are fans of Interview with a Vampire, other (like me) go a bit older with Bram Stoker's tale, and the younger crowd might go for the Twilight saga. Regardless of what kind of vampire tale you enjoy, there's a story out there for you. For us comic book fans, we aren't left out at all. Dracula and vampires have been a part of comics for a while. Even the Merc with a Mouth Deadpool has had a few encounters with vampires and even the lord of vampires Dracula himself.

Deadpool VS The Draculas

Series: Deadpool 30 and 31 "I Rule, You Suck"

If you woke up and were surrounded by vampires you'd be justifiably freaked out. Sure it's a bit prejudice, but they are in your house. What did Deadpool do? He shot them a bunch of times. The bullets, of course, did nothing. Which was a good thing since they were there to hire Deadpool to protect them. Dracula's son Xarus equipped a rival vampire sect with amulets that protect them from the sun's rays. The Vampires wanted to hire Deadpool to protect them during the day. Deadpool was going to decline until he found out that these Draculas (because according to Deadpool all vampires are Draculas) were good people. They run a privately hospital that has never turned away a patient in the hundred years that they have been opened and thirty percent of profits got to humanitarian charities. All the vampires take are blood from the donors and a small administration fee. So these guys are actually the good guys. So Deadpool accepts the contract.

If you couldn't tell by the first paragraph, this story was silly. But it was the perfect amount of silly in a two part story. There was no need to drag out a story just for the heck of it. Deadpool calling people Draculas was funny, but would have eventually gotten tired after another couple of issues. The best part of the story was watching Deadpool's brilliant plan work in the end. He defeated the vampire sect by turning an MRI machine into a weapon that emitted ultraviolet rays. People forget that just because he acts like an idiot it's just that. An act.

Deadpool VS (The real Dracula)

Series: Deadpool The Gauntlet

There's a theme here. Again, Deadpool was being recruited by a vampire while he was asleep (on a London bench this time). Just like the first time, Deadpool decided to try and kill the messenger rather than wait to see what was really going on. After Deadpool follows the vampire sent to deliver the messenger, Dracula explained that he wanted to hire Deadpool to retrieve his wife Shiklah from her sarcophagus and have her brought her to him. Deadpool agrees and actually succeeded in finding Shiklah and he almost succeeded in bringing her to Dracula. It's a good thing he didn't. Dracula planned and marrying Shiklah and then killing her to gain control of ther kingdom. Dracula didn't know that Shiklah had tow brothers. Since they were alive, Dracula wouldn't have gained her kingdom. Her brothers would. What does Dracula do? He kills Shiklah's brothers. While all of this is going on, Deadpool and Shiklah fall in love with each other while on their way back to Dracula. On their way back, Shiklah finds out that Dracula has killed her brothers. So Deadpool and Shiklah devise a plan to make sure Dracula would never get control of her kingdom. Deadpool and Shiklah get married and then call on all of their friends to help take down Dracula and his monster army.

You ever wonder what would happen if Deadpool fell in love with a succubus and then eventually had to fight Dracula in order to save her life and the lives of millions of people? No? Well, it happens anyway. This story is fun as heck. Deadpool and Shiklah run into everything from ghosts, to Hydra, to A.I.M., to Blade, to a centaur, symbiote, werewolf hybrid with diabetes (that is not an exaggeration) and a whole lot of vampires and other random monsters. This is one of those Deadpool tales that I encourage everyone to read. It's insanely fun, it has a great story, lots of action, and a really cool love story. Plus, you know, Deadpool fights Dracula.

Deadpool Laughs at Dracula

Series: Deadpool 35: When The Deadpool-Spider-Slayer Cometh

This may shock you, but Dracula does not take his defeat from Deadpool lightly. But since he hasn't still recovered from being stabbed by Deadpool's chopped arm( apparently Deadpool's blood is poison to vampires) Dracula can't exact revenge in person. So Dracula buys an old Spider-Slayer and programs it to go after Deadpool. Dracula's plan didn't work at all.

There really isn't much to this encounter. Dracula failed at trying to kill Deadpool (again) but settled with leaving Deadpool alone after seeing what Deadpool looked liked under the costume. I guess hurray for small victories?


For those of you who know Deadpool know that these events aren't strange at all. The fact that he hasn't angered Dracula sooner is the real shocker. Dracula fancies himself the smartest and most cunning man i the world. So running into Deadpool must feel like a god talking to a rodent. But this is what happens when you underestimate your opponents. You end up healing in seclusion from a Deadpool beat down.

Were these stories great or just plain silly? Let me know in the comments below.


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