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The final installment of the current X-Men trilogy comes to a close in North America next Friday. Though the movie has hit theaters in multiple areas around the world, some still haven't had the luxury of seeing such a scene from the movie. This is a North American film, which masses majority of their targeted audiences. For a particular clip as this to be unaired here is common, yes. But it's also understandable if it does. It's another way to further promote a movie. And this is a huge scene, which brings us back to what's stated before, this region has some of its most diehard fans. I digress. Here's an epic fighting scene between Apocalypse and Quicksilver, coming from a clip for viewers in Indonesia.

Basing things on how powerful Quicksilver is at his top speed, he certainly could cause some damage to Apocalypse. Not much, but it does toss him around a bit. 20th Century Fox has given the audiences what they wanted; an actioned packed X-Men film. The VFX are crafted nicely, along with the cinematography surrounding the action.

Check out some of the clips released for the movie.

Or you can head over to 20th Century Fox's YouTube channel and check out more. 'X-Men: Apocalypse' enters theaters on May 27th.

What do you think of the clip?


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