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I don’t only watch horror movies I suppose. In fact, sometimes I too want to enjoy a sappy, romantic, or light and funny chick-flick with my girl friends, (or pets, whatever) just like any other gal. Yet, blame it upon the superior intellect of being a realist here, (also a stretch), but most often I can’t seem to find myself enjoying these movies made specifically for, and targeted towards, the female demographic. Most commonly referred to as; the chick flick.

I’m talking full on slumber party movies; rollers in your hair, wine, gossiping, eating pizza, and hiding a hex bag in your frienemy’s ugly ass knock-off bag (Susan...). These here are five totally awesome, totally girly, and completely morbid movies perfect for us girls with a more sinister taste in cinema, but still enjoyable for the other peasants in the room with you.

Here we go ladies!


Rewind to an 8 year old Rachael, (or as my family affectionately calls me, Raisehell) :

I’m sitting in my pastel purple painted room, covered in stuffed animals, glitter, and horror movies. There I am, chatting away on the phone with my best friend while we could both watch this movie at the same time, blabbing about it on the phone to one another like we were hot shit (before social media and texting, that was a thing, I swear it!). Sure this movie may have been considered a tad inappropriate for someone my age, but I also wasn’t like other 8 year olds. I was a bit of an oddball, outcast, and a morbid little shit from the start. Not to mention I am sure my father was just relieved I was interested in a movie with only one victim.

Jawbreaker certainly molded much of my young, impressionable and sinister mind, continues to be a favorite of mine to this very day.

*Am I the only one who can accredit their fashion sense almost entirely to this movie? There’s no way, it’s just too good....

The Virgin Suicides

Aside from having quite possibly the best soundtrack, ( apart from Supernatural of course), this tragically-poetic piece of gold is star-studded, dark, alluring, and includes a captivating narrative from Giovanni Ribisi (SubUrbia, Gone in 60 Seconds, The Mod Squad). This movie is both breathtakingly nostalgic from start to finish, and in one word; mesmerizing.

Featuring names like Kirsten Dunst, James Woods, Josh Hartnett, Jonathan Tucker, Hannah Hall, A.J. Cook, Kathleen Turner, and Danny DeVito; this beautifully crafted coming-of-death tale will not disappoint.

This one is for the dreamers, the idealists, and the poets.

The Craft

Part horror, part chick-flick, and chock full of some bad bitches. The Craft could quite possibly be THE movie of my youth. The movie that inspired my love for the occult, witchcraft, and of course, my killer lipstick game. This movie is totally a classic for girls and women everywhere, that is for sure.

Especially for us girls that were just a little bit weirder than the rest.

If this happened to be one of your favorite movies growing up I can almost gaurantee that you also know the fun, and the dangers, of playing light as a feather stiff as a board. I for one do. You witches...


Romantic comedies can be a bore, especially for weirdo morbid girls like us; but add a twisted murder plot, peer pressure, serial killers, Winona Ryder, plenty of hairspray and BOOM! Goth-girls everywhere are swooning. Yes I will watch this coming-of-age chick flick with , because snooty bitches are dropping like flies and the sarcasm never ends. That’s something I can get on board with!

-You know what they say, I would rather be on board, than bored,( apart from my sister, I am sure no one else laughed at that one. Not even myself, just pitiful).

Oh yeah, and Christian Slater also stars in Heathers. You are welcome.

Ava’s Possessions

This movie was just so fucking great. I really wasn’t expecting nearly as much as this title delivered. I saw it for the first time just last week (it's actually currently streaming on Netflix as we speak), and I have to say, it was witty, cynical, bloody, and super fun! Seriously, it was a super clever take on society's view of those struggling with addiction, but in a totally girly-gorey metaphorical way.

I am like 75% certain I took away the wrong points this gothic chick flick begs to raise though. Oh well, here it goes; Who do I want inside me?

Ava's Possessions will be landing itself on my (small but coveted), top shelf collection, (the moment I can afford to buy it anyhow, it is a new release afterall). So seriously, do yourselves a favor and give it a shot you freaky girls! It’s not just for horror fans, and truth be told, it was the movie that inspired this article.

Now, I am certainly not saying those are the only 5 out there for us ghoulish girls, but this certainly is a solid list to get you going on your next 'Girls-Only-Night!'

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Which one do you plan to veg out and watch next?


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