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For children of the 80s and 90s, there are certain names that can strike fear into their hearts:






And of course, Murdoc!

Not so much him, but HIM-

That's right. Murdoc “MacGyverrrr!” Smith (or whatever his last name might have been) was one of the best villains of those two decades.

Played by Michael Des Barres, Murdoc is just one of the many characters that need to make a cameo on the new MacGyver. Even if it's just a flashback to the young Murdoc, or this old fella actually physically shows up:

Before we get into this list of nostalgic awesomeness, treat yourself to the trailer for the MacGyver reboot, coming to your Fridays at 8pm this fall:

But read slowly. The trick is not to rush it.

The obvious

Richard Dean Anderson

Angus MacGyver

The fans of the original show are already going to be checking the reboot out, out of curiosity if anything. So what better way to bait/reward them by having THE MacGyver show up? I can't see them getting through the first episode without at least throwing a shout out to him in some shape or form. How awesome would it be to have him actually show up and help the new MacGyver out of a jam?

It sounds like this is a straight up reboot, so a scene involving the old Mac saving the new Mac wouldn't be like a father appearing out of nowhere to save his son....or would it....?

Michael Des Barres


If not Murdoc, maybe his hell-bent-on-vengeance-for-his-dead-father son? Since the new MacGyver is actually a re imagining of the OmacG, if they try to find a new Murdoc, please PLEASE let him make our kids shudder like the old Murdoc did us!

The Rest

Dana Elcar

Pete Thornton

Dana may have passed away in 2005, but that doesn't mean he can't have his picture framed and on an HQ wall of the “strategic task force.”

Bruce McGill

Jack Dalton

Jack Freakin' Dalton! Him and his get rich quick schemes were always hilarious. It was usually Jack trying to get rich quick, and Mac bailing him out of trouble, but at least MacGyver knew when he was *twitch* lying.

Teri Hatcher


Penny Parker

Sporting a name that sounds straight out of a superhero comic, this is just one of Teri's many famous roles, including Lois Lane and Susan Mayer/Delfino.

Let's just hope that, whoever she plays, it's not THIS rebooted Penny:

James Hong

Chu/Lee Wenying/Kuang

He may have only been in 4 episodes and played 3 different characters, but he's James Hong! It would be awesome to have him come back as Commissioner Chu turned bad, or any villain, really. He can even scream “MacGyverrrr!” as he's blown to bits by bomb built by Mac, out of a 2 liter bottle filled with ink and toenail clippings.

Any other characters, rebooted or returning, that you'd like to see? Grab your keyboard and make a remote control airpl...never mind, just type in the comments!

And be sure to jump on Netflix and catch up on the original adventures of MacGyver!


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