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Before I start, let me throw this out there.

I totally, absolutely, 100% want the new MacGyver to be as good as the original.

Shoot, I'll take half as good any day.

It'll be extremely hard for it to hold a candle...

...or a match up to the original, but I'm still stoked as hell to see that name all over the place! The original show was right up there on the list of shows I had to be in front of the TV to watch every week, right along with Highlander and Sliders. I have DVDs waiting to be re-watched, and eight years worth of memories of learning all sorts of crazy tricks that I'll probably never use. Mostly because I doubt I'll ever be kidnapped by terrorists.

But if I do, I WILL save the day with a dollar bill and a toothpick. Thanks to Angus MacGyver!

But watching the trailer for the reboot, I can't help but worry that this show might not make it in this day and age.

If you haven't seen said trailer, here it is in all its glory!

It even starts out with an Iron Man-esque escape from terrorists!

Okay, on with the babbling.

Back in the 80s and 90s, MacGyver used everything he could to escape from whatever he needed to escape from. And some of those things he made could be made by us kids. While playing outside, when we were done playing ninja turtles and got bored looking for aliens, we could always pretend to be MacGyver getting out of some sticky situation.

Therein lies the problem I'm worried about. We played outside.

Don't get me wrong; I see my kids outside playing with their friends quite a bit. But definitely not on the scale we did back then. The moment that Atari and NES came out, that all started to change, of course. Before then? Outside was where it was at.

In between summers, we did our few bits of homework (as opposed to the truckload kids seem to have now), and if none of our shows were on, outside we went until the street lights came on.

Or we heard our names.

Moms really do have superhuman-level vocal cords, do they not?

Now, though, video games and television rule play time. A poll of 8,950 children taken by CBS showed that “only 51 percent of children went outside to walk or play once a day with either parent.” This generation of kids' love for television might be the new MacGyver's saving grace, and with the internet offering endless options to watch our shows on the internet, the show could do well. But so many kids playing video games and so few going outside to play could spell trouble.

If that isn't bad enough, kids these days are completely wired from the moment they slide into the world. And by wired I don't mean hyper...they're that too, I guess. Everywhere you look in a typical house, there are tablets, laptops, phones, and a TV in every room-

Yep, even the pooper.

Do you really think kids these days are going to watch a show where a guy can stop a bomb with nothing more than a paper clip and saw dust? From the trailer, it looked like the new MacGyver was going to be handy with everyday objects, like the original, and not so much with electronics. I can see a lot of kids losing interest in this reboot, simply because there isn't enough high-tech gadgetry being flashed around, or even thrown at the bad guys' heads.

No worries, he'll live...Murdoc always lives!

Neither of these things could end up even being a problem for the show. It could fail or succeed for a number of reasons. Either way, this old 37 year-old guy will be hoping that Hulu will pick up the show. Because when you're as busy as parents are these days, who has time to sit in front of a TV and watch a show live anymore?

Uh oh...


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