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What better way to ring in your summer break than to sit on your butt and watch a movie? It's that wonderful time of the year when Hollywood says we should be spending out in the sun and having some fun. Although for some of us, the indoors can be just as fun as the outdoors. Here are seven movies you can fire up on Netflix, Hulu, Blu-Ray, DVD, or VHS, and start your three months of slacking off right!

1. The Faculty

This is the first movie that comes to mind any time I think about school, whether it be the start or end of school, or anywhere in between, solely from the song that plays during the trailer, “school's out forevah!”

Starring: Elijah Wood

2. Dazed and Confused

With the actual “School's out for Summer” song in all its glory, there's a reason this movie and its mailbox baseballing, freshman hazing, marijuana smoking wonderfulness has been called one of the funniest movies of all time in many top 10 lists.

Starring: Matthew McConaughey

3. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Not so much a 'get ready for summer' flick as a 'this is all the fun you missed out on this year, so try harder next year' flick, any person who's been through the hell that can be high school needs to see this movie. And this scene at least three times:

Starring: Sean Penn

4. Recess: School's Out

This was made in 2001, when PC was a term often used, but not maniacally enforced like it is today, so this might be a little risque for parents today. All the reason for kids to go over to their cool friend's parent's house to watch it!

Starring: Melissa Joan Hart's voice

5. Friday the 13th

The original! Summer camp, underage sex; this is the one that started it all! The sequels, the remakes, Jason fighting Freddie, and one of the most frustrating Nintendo games every made. And the best part? Jason X!

Starring: Kevin Bacon

6. Stand by Me

Because no summer break would be complete with outrunning a train, pulling leaches off your wang, and looking for and finding a dead body! Besides all that, you'll get to witness the best campfire story ever, about a young man named Lard-Ass, who gets his revenge on his bullies in a “complete and total barf-a-rama!”

Starring: Kiefer Sutherland

7. The Sandlot

Add playing baseball and being terrorized by a huge murderous dog to that list above! The Sandlot is where "you're killin' me, Smalls" was born, and where the fake licorice and bacon bit “chewing tobacco” from the carnival scene actually made the young actors as sick as their characters got in the movie!

Starring: James Earl Jones

And if all else fails? Anything with this guy in it!

Chevy Chase is the MAN when you need a good summer movie, so it's hard to go wrong with any of his classic “vacation” movies, no matter what country or time of the year they're set in.

These seven movies need to be on the must-watch list for any summer loving movie fan. Or any fan, for that matter!

Haven't seen them yet? Let this summer be the summer it happens!


Which summer movie is your favorite?


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