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The trailer for NBC's new TV show, soberly titled , has more than 28 million on views on Facebook. And before any "Gangnam Style" fans start muttering that it's not that impressive of a view count, you should know that DC's Legends of Tomorrow used to hold the record for the most trailer views during its first week — with 4.1 million.

So how did a show that has had little to no marketing campaign until now, and isn't headlined by any TV stars, rake up so many fans?

Watch The Trailer For 'This Is Us'

Judging from the Facebook comments, if you bawled your eyes out and are wondering why, you're not the only one. However, if you're now desperately craving more story material, you'll have to wait until fall when the show comes out.

So far, we haven't gotten much more details on the plot than the fact that the characters' "life stories intertwine in curious ways," according to NBC. You'll see that they share a birthday, but it seems like their planets will align even more.

Is This A TV Version Of Crazy, Stupid, Love?


As for the fact that This Is Us is so packed with emotion, we can thank the show's directors, John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, who are also behind the 2011 movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, where Ryan Gosling taught a dad (Steve Carrell) how to be cool, while seducing his daughter (Emma Stone).

Milo Ventimiglia, y'all. / NBC
Milo Ventimiglia, y'all. / NBC

The popularity of Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, who's been in Heroes and Gilmore Girls, certainly helped carry the trailer, but it's probably how relatable every scene is that made it resonate so well with audiences.

This Is Us premieres this fall on NBC, so let's hope it meets the high expectations set by the trailer!


Do you feel like watching This Is Us after seeing the trailer?

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