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Brace yourselves fellow Gilmore Girls fans, because the return to Stars Hollow finally has an official title.

Ever since the reboot was announced we've been trying to placate the need to scream "Oy with the waiting already," with burying ourselves in various activities like ranking all the men in the series and cooing over Alexis Bledel a.k.a Rory Gilmore's secret bambino.

Now, to make the calendar countdown that much harder, Lauren Graham a.k.a caffeinated goddess, Lorelai Gilmore, has finally revealed the name of the highly anticipated Nexflix reboot.

Talking to Ellen DeGeneres at twenty miles per hour — in true Lorelai fashion — Graham gushed about the new four-part series:

"It's been the most incredible experience — I cry trying to talk about it. To get to do it again, who would have imagined? Netflix had to be invented, you guys had to want it back."

Want it back?! Of course we want it back! I mean, it's been too long since we've had a little of this in our lives:

And then Graham moved on to the big reveal.

"I can tell you the title for the first time. It's four 90-minute episodes, and they're winter, spring, summer and fall, so the show is called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life."

"A Year in the Life." Simple. And perfect. I love it!

Are you excited to see Lorelai back in full Gilmore Girls glory?


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