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Kaley Cuoco clearly has a thing for sporty dudes because the Big Bang Theory sweetheart has made things 100 percent Instagram official with her new flame, equestrian superstar Karl Cook!

The 30-year-old actor, who only recently finalized her divorce from tennis player Ryan Sweeting, posted a candid snap of her in a passionate lip lock with her beau in an empty stadium on Thursday.

This is by no means the first hint that Cuoco is in a new relationship with Cook, but past shots of her and the competitive show jumper have been a lot more ambiguous.

Cuoco has spoken out in the past about how she falls in love easily, so perhaps it's no surprise that she is already feeling the giddy butterflies that come with a new love. The fan favorite told CBS that:

"You know what, I'm not ashamed of anything that happened. I fall in love really hard. I go deep and that person is it for me. I love hard, and when it's over, it's over."

Although Kaley's last relationship may have ended sooner than she hoped, she isn't about to let her past experiences get her down or write her marriage of as a "failure." She went on to tell CBS that:

"Some people make mistakes, and I wouldn't call it a mistake -- it's just what happened in my life, and now I'm excited to see what the future holds. But it happened, and now I have to say I'm happier than I've ever been."

From to look of her loved up snaps with Cook (whose name also helpfully corresponds with Cuoco's Instagram handle that pays homage to her dog!), I totally believe Kaley when she says she is having the time of her life.

Sorry to all the Big Bang nuts who were hoping for a reunion with her co-star and on screen love, Johnny Galecki. At least we still have the show!

Do you think Kaley Cuoco is rushing into a new relationship?

(Source: CBS)


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