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It seems as if it has been months since we first heard news of the movie adaptation of what is perhaps the best musical of all time, Wicked. And ever since the colossal project was definitively given the go-ahead by producer Marc Platt, we have been quivering with excitement about potential candidates to defy that gravity.

Potential fan castings flooded the internet, as did discussions on whether it was a good idea to adapt the five-star broadway musical at all.

The original Elphaba and Glinda
The original Elphaba and Glinda

However, as it becomes more and more clear that Wicked is most definitely coming to the big screen at some point in the future, our very own Glinda has just chimed in on the discussion. Actress Kirstin Chenoweth has just shared some pretty eye-opening sentiments about who she would like to be cast in the upcoming blockbuster.

The star originally starred in the musical alongside singing icon Idina Menzel as Elphaba. Relive her telling her co-star what it takes to be 'popular' in the clip below:

And although we would love to see these two reprise their legendary roles in the upcoming flick, it's unlikely to happen. Instead, Chenoweth has suggested who she would love to bring life Emerald City to life instead. Here's what she said:

“For someone in their 20s, I would go for Dove Cameron [as Glinda] and Lea Michele [as Elphaba]."
Dove Cameron and Lea Michele
Dove Cameron and Lea Michele

If the producers opt for a slightly older cast though, Kristin was eager to contribute the following options:

"Someone in their 30s, I would go with Beth Behrs [as Glinda] and maybe Zooey Deschanel [as Elphaba].”
Beth Behrs and Zooey Deschanel
Beth Behrs and Zooey Deschanel

Hmmm... very interesting indeed!

What do you guys think? Who should play Glinda and Elphaba?


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