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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
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We all dream of bumping into our doppelgängers one day, but Adam Sandler is twinning the Dream Oscars with this story.

Max Kessler, 23, was watching the trailer for Adam Sandler's upcoming Netflix movie The Do-Over, when something caught his attention. Obviously, Kessler was already aware of his striking resemblance to the comedian.

What he wasn't expecting, was for Sandler's character to be given the exact same name as him! That's right, the name "Max Kessler" belongs to both the protagonist in The Do-Over and the Sandler doppelgänger. Are you Maxed out yet?

Could this really all just be coincidence? Kessler (the real one) decided the odds were out of this world.

"At first I called my mom and I'm like 'This is a joke! Someone dubbed the script, someone did something, like there's no way it's my name!' It was true, it was real."

Though he had never before decided to do anything about it, he took this as a sign and Adam-antly posted a picture of himself next to one of Sandler via Reddit.

Sandler and Kessler/Reddit
Sandler and Kessler/Reddit

Needless to say, the photo went viral, Sandler quickly caught news of it. He commented on the Reddit post and on Kessler's Facebook profile picture in his own comical way. In fact, Adam Sandler eventually invited his doppelgänger to the premiere of The Do-Over.

Kessler (left) and Sandler (right)/Reddit
Kessler (left) and Sandler (right)/Reddit

As if the similarities weren't mindblowing enough, the two have quite a lot in common, including their shared sense of humor.

Sandler (left) and Kessler (right)/Reddit
Sandler (left) and Kessler (right)/Reddit

The twins finally met in person at the premiere, where they seem to have made a lasting friendship and intend to soon play basketball together.

"I gotta see that cutie in person. He's the younger, better-looking version of me," Sandler joked.

If ever Sandler needs to someone cast as his son, he won't need to look very far.

Are you one of the lucky few to have met your doppelgänger? If so, comment with a picture of yourself side-by-side!

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