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Thousands of horror fans are looking forward to a new Friday the 13th movie, but there have been so many twists and turns throughout its development that nobody really knows what will happen.

The last reboot we saw was the 2009 Friday the 13th, which earned a lot of love from Jason Voorhees fans with its blend of sex, slashing and a fantastic Jason mask. Eight years is not a huge amount of time to wait for a sequel, but compared to the turnover of movies in the heyday of the franchise, eight years feels like an eternity.

'Friday the 13th' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'Friday the 13th' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

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Friday the 13th News & Rumors

Friday the 13th news & rumors are running thin on the ground: the most recent story was THR's exclusive, stating that the film had been indefinitely put on hold:

The exact reason for the move is unclear, although one factor could be the poor performance of the studio’s horror movie, Rings. That pic, which like Friday the 13th was to have restarted a horror franchise, cost $25 million and bowed to $13 million over the weekend.

Sources say that execs quickly began second-guessing Friday the 13th, believing it would have chased the same audience, although others point out that the project is on the opposite spectrum of the horror scale.

A source close to Friday the 13th would only say that "the production was not ready to go at this date."

Friday the 13th Release Date

The Friday the 13th release date was initially scheduled for October 13, 2017 (yes, that's a Friday) but Paramount have since pulled it from their schedule. No alternative date has been offered yet, so watch this space!

If Paramount follow the tradition of releasing the movie on a real Friday the 13th, the next available dates are April 13, 2018 and July 13, 2018.

Friday the 13th Trailer

Sorry, there's not even the slightest teaser image available for the movie, let alone a full Friday the 13th trailer. Here's a cool video of Jason kills throughout the ages.

Friday the 13th Cast

The Friday the 13th cast is unknown, though we still don't know who will be donning the hockey mask as our new Jason. Fan favorite Kane Hodder could be a possibility in the future.

The most recent director attached to the project is The Crazies helmer Breck Eisner, from a script from Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners), who producer Brad Fuller describes to This is Infamous as "a better writer than we deserve for this franchise"!

Friday the 13th Characters

No Friday the 13th characters have been confirmed, but no Friday the 13th movie would be complete without Jason Voorhees! Producer Brad Fuller also told Yahoo that the next Friday the 13th will be something of a family affair: Mommie Dearest AND Jason's papa will be there to wreak havoc:

"We’re going to go back and we’re going to meet that family...We’re going to meet the family. You’re gonna meet Pamela, Elias, and Jason. And you’re gonna see how it all happened."

Watch Friday the 13th Online

If and when this movie is released, it'll be possible to watch Friday the 13th online via various VOD and streaming services. Sorry fans: you may need to wait a while for your next blast of Jason!

Jason claims another victim in 'Friday the 13th,' 2009 [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
Jason claims another victim in 'Friday the 13th,' 2009 [Credit: Paramount Pictures]


Are you excited for the new 'Friday the 13th' movie?

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