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Kristen Stewart has really been put through the mincer when it comes to the paparazzi hounding her every waking moment and she has has some big differences of opinion when it comes to her Café Society director, Woody Allen.

Allen recently told reporters at Cannes that the invasions of privacy that famous people undergo aren't “life-threatening” and that the lavish lifestyles that they get to bathe in “outweigh the downsides,” but Kristen Stewart has politely disagreed with the veteran director stating that his fame is very "different" to hers.

Stewart, Allen and Lively at Cannes
Stewart, Allen and Lively at Cannes

Allen has (rightly) come under a large amount of press scrutiny thanks to accusations that he sexually abused his step-daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was a child, but Stewart maintains that she has seen fame from a very different viewpoint thanks to their differences in age.

Kristen, who was the subject of intense public hatred thanks to her "momentary indiscretion" with Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, argues that paparazzi have gotten a lot more aggressive and spiteful over the years. The 26-year-old César winner explained:

"Woody is 80-years-old and was famous at a very different time. We’ve had entirely different experiences with fame, and the way we consume the reality show that is the entertainment industry. It’s like I’ve been cast in a comic book as a character that is fully developed by everyone but me."

Kristen Stewart has been candid about her difficulties with the press
Kristen Stewart has been candid about her difficulties with the press

Stewart went on to say that Allen has, and still has had:

"Very different experiences with the paparazzi and being able to walk outside his front door"

Although Kristen believes that Allen hasn't experienced the intense level of false reporting and constant scrutiny that she has been under since she was in her early twenties, she does agree that fame is, in a lot of ways, worth the stresses celebs are put through. She said simply:

"He’s [Woody Allen] right. It’s still worth it, but it’s not that simple"

Do you think fame has got more toxic since Woody Allen was in his heyday?

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