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Last night, the first season of Legends Of Tomorrow came to an end. The team succeeded to defeat Vandal Savage but not without casualties. Snart sacrificed his life to protect his friends, and got out as a real hero. Most of team remained with Rip to help him protect time, but the Hawks chose to leave the team maybe for good. Oh and I forgot, Hourman showed up in a last scene that will make people theorize for months. From there, what can we expect for our ragtag team of time-travelers next season?

A Season Two That Will Feel Different

During the first season, the Legends were rogue, travelling through time, trying to stop Vandal Savage while fighting the Time-Masters. The Time Council is now mostly, the Oculus has been destroyed and now Time is no longer protected. Yet, someone has to do the job says Marc Guggenheim:

"Our Legends take that on as their new responsibility. It's sort of like, you break it, you buy it."

While protecting the timeline has always been at the core of the series, the purpose of our Legends will now be drastically different. They no longer have the certainty of knowing how they will affect the timeline and will have to be especially cautious. In addition, we'll get to see even more corners of the DC universe.


“My name is Rex Tyler and I'm a member of the Justice Society of America”. Hourman appeared in what can be considered, one of Legends most important scene to date. The show acknowledged the existence of the Justice League Of America, opening a lot of exciting opportunities for season two.

The JSA are DC comics's first superhero team, created during the Golden Age including classic heroes such as Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman. The team was later reinvented in the 60's during the Silver Age and the creation of the multiverse. Thus, the JSA became Earth-2's equivalent of the Justice League with characters already introduced in the Arrowverse, like Jay Garrick, Wildcats or Jesse Quick. After Crisis On Infinite Earths, the JSA became a team that solely operated in the 40's.

Using a brand as significant as the JSA means that Legends Of Tomorrow will have to use well-known members of the team. Heroes of the likes of Dr. Fate, Sandman or Alan Scott would certainly add something new to the show and help elevate the stake for season two.

A Much Bigger Villain

Vandal Savage never appeared as a credible threat despite his abilities and his death allowed Legends to close this first chapter and go on to much better and bigger things next season. Marc Guggenheim said that the season two big bad will make Savage look like "a walk in the park". Though, the Thanagarian threat has been evoked in the final episodes, they won't be the villains in question.

Vandal Savage threatened to conquer the world and the only way to tap that would be to have threat that would threatened not only one but several worlds. The first name that popes into head would be the Anti-Monitor, the powerful being that almost destroyed the positive matter Multiverse during the events of Crisis Of Infinite Earths. A villain of this magnitude would definitely overshadow Vandal Savage but he could just be too big for a TV show. But, heck, the JSA seemed also too big not a long time ago.

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