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I got a chance to see the highly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse on the 20th of May due to the film being released earlier in Europe (as opposed to America) and I have to say, I wasn't totally impressed. The movie wasn't as bad as Batman v. Superman, but it wasn't as good as Captain America: Civil War.

We get a look at numerous mutants in this film and I'm going to rank each one who I saw showcase their powers. Let me know of your favorite mutants in the comments! Lets start the list..

15. Jubliee

Played by Lana Condor
Played by Lana Condor

Jubliee is a mutant that I was looking forward to seeing, but unfortunately, we never really got a look at her powers. We only see her in a handful of scenes and she never has anything much to say, let alone show her powers! Apparently there are deleted scenes where we will see her showcase what she can do. I guess we'll have to wait and see how cool she really is!

14. Havok

Played by Lucas Till
Played by Lucas Till

For me, Havok was one of the coolest mutants we got a look at in X-Men: First Class, but for this movie it's not quite the same. In a much more subdued and mature role, Alex Summers doesn't quite get to show us what he's really made of. A wasted opportunity if you ask me..

13. Psylocke

I hate to say it, but for me, Psylocke was the biggest disappointed of this film. The reason she's not last is because the other two were barely in the film. It was through no fault of Olivia Munn, I quite like her as the character, but Psylocke is built up to be this totally badass character that never really does anything badass. Her best bits are in the trailer and she's completely underused. I'm sure she'll return bigger and better for the sequel.

12. Angel

Here's another character I was quite disapointed with in X-Men: Apocalypse and coincidentally, he's another one of the four horsemen. I found him to be annoying more than anything, a bit of a pest. I may be biased though seeing as I'm not fond of his as a mutant in the first place..

11. Beast

The first of three blue mutants on our list is the intelligent Beast, played by the fitting Nicholas Hoult. I know he's low down on the list, wasn't bad in any way, but he wasn't much good either. He was just there really. I like Nicolas Hoult in this role but once again, I've preferred him in the last two X-Men movies.

10. Storm

As you can imagine, I wasn't particularly fond of the four horsemen in this movie, they just really had no impact in the film at all. I will admit I do like the new actress for Storm , Alexandra Shipp, I think she will be great in the next film. Storm is usually one of my favorite mutants, so I'm kind of annoyed that she was underused.

9. Mystique

Mystique being in 9th place is by no means me jumping on the Jennifer Lawrence hate train, I still think she's one of the best actresses in Hollywood at the moment! I just think she wasn't much fun in this film. I know the villain is trying to destroy the world which leaves little time for but Mystique really needed to lighten up. Every room J-Law went into she looked worried, sad or just annoyed. Not much fun to watch and not enough shape-shifting! I really felt like it was Katniss Everdeen I was watching, not Mystique.

8. Jean Grey

Sophie Turner is one of the biggest actors in the world right now due to her role on the hit TV show, Game of Thrones. This made her look like a really viable character to play the iconic Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse, but what did I think? As a character she was decent in the film. She's pretty distressed for most of it, but other than that she was not bad, nothing groundbreaking. I do like Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, I probably couldn't think of anybody else who would fit the criteria better. Looking forward to seeing her in the sequel!

7. Cyclops

Tye Sheridan is a reasonably new actor, you might recognize him from his drama with Matthew McConaughey, Mud. I really enjoyed him in the role of Cyclops, probably more than the last one, played by James Marsden. He's a good drama actor but when he needs to quip a joke, he's capable. I'm sure we'll see a lot more of this 19 year-old actor.

6. Apocalypse

The main reason Apocalypse is up so high on my list is mostly due to Oscar Isaac. I think he made this role better than it should have been. Apocalypse never really plucks the strings I always wanted him to on the big screen, he's one of the most powerful villains in Marvel's catalogue and I don't think that's fully exerted on screen! Sure he holds his own against the X-Men, but I just don't think he's the type of villain you can properly do on the big screen. I have the same worries for Thanos in the MCU, but that's a whole other story.

5. Wolverine

I'm not going to lie, I took Wolverine being in this movie totally for granted. When I found out that people were surprised he was in it, I got confused. It's an X-Men movie, he had to be in it! This in turn made his short appearance quite bitter sweet. The scenes he was in were fantastic and make for what is probably the best part of the movie. Bring on the R-rated solo movie, then we'll see the true Wolverine.

4. Charles Xavier

When you go to see an X-Men movie, you know what you're going to get with Charles Xavier. Nothing bad, but nothing quite out of the ordinary. He's got some cool powers that he stresses and showcases in this role and the reliable James McAvoy once again proves he's worthy of the wheelchair.

3. Nightcrawler

Up high on the list is the insanely cool, Nightcrawler. He was by far the biggest surprise of the movie. He was cool, mysterious and genuinely hilarious. I found myself laughing whenever he was on screen! Such a great new addition to the roster and wonderfully played by the young Kodi Smit-McPhee.

2. Quicksilver

For some of you, Quicksilver is probably the reason why you're going to see this movie. His amazing sequence in X-Men: Days of Future Past is one of the greatest scenes in comic book history. As you can imagine he's back again for this film and the big question on some of your minds is; is it as good? Nope. But is it still amazing? Yes. So much so that he's here in number two, an awesome character that I can't wait to see more of.

1. Magneto

This may be an unpopular opinion but, for me, Michael Fassbender is on par with the great Sir Ian McKellen as the fantastic villain behind the metal mask. Every scene he's in he steals, an absolutely amazing actor. It's hard to say how many more films were going to see Fassbender in, but hopefully there will be plenty more!

So that's my ranking guys, as you can tell I wasn't overly impressed with everybody in the movie, but I want to here what you guys think! let me know in the comments!


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