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As a die-hard X-Men fan, I've been highly anticipating the release of Apocalypse for quite some time. I've found all of the previous movies to be enjoyable and I hoped that Apocalypse would live up to its predecessors. It did. In addition to having already made over $100 million at the international box office, I was completely blown away by the awesomeness of this film and it has left me looking forward to the next installment in the franchise. In fact, there are so many amazing moments in Apocalypse that I couldn't just pick one. Here are four freak-out moments from [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267).

Check out the final trailer below:

1. Quicksilver Saves The Day!

It was a moment in which things couldn't have seemed more dire for our beloved mutants: Charles had been taken, Cerebro had been destroyed, Eric was on the run and the school had erupted into flames. Just as we'd let the tears stream down our faces, Quicksilver appears outside the mansion. In a brilliantly timed and well edited scene set to the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams," the montage showed Quicksilver saving the entire population of the school from their impending deaths. It was a bright and brilliant sequence that gave the movie exactly what it needed: a bit of humor. Quicksilver — just like in Days of Future Past — proved that he is an asset not only to Charles Xavier, but to the entire X-Men franchise.

2. Wolverine's Surprise Appearance

I had no idea that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine was going to be appear in Apocalypse! As Jean, Scott and Kurt all hid from Striker and his crew, they hear an "animal" locked in a cage. Jean uses her powers to set this animal free just as security arrives to take them out. A Terminator-esque exit from the cage reveals an angry Wolverine who doesn't take too kindly to being locked away. He goes on a killing spree in a scene that shows arguably the most graphic violence the X-Men franchise has ever indulged in (perhaps because the third Wolverine film will allegedly be R-rated. For more on how Apocalypse sets up Wolverine 3 and Deadpool 2, see here). A young Jean and Logan share a moment, perhaps foreshadowing the future, as the mutants allow Logan to escape his captivity. It was one of the best kept secrets of the film and I was overjoyed to see Logan; freak-outs don't come much bigger than this!

3. Magneto Revisits His Past

Arguably the most difficult character to place into hero or villain category, Erik Lehnsherr (a.k.a. Magneto) has a pretty rough journey in Apocalypse. He's settled into a new life at the beginning of the film — living in a remote location with a wife and a daughter — but after using his powers to save one of his co-workers the community turns on him, and in the battle his wife and daughter are killed. He then goes on the run, reverting back to his evil ways and joining forces with Apocalypse. Apocalypse makes Eric revisit his past at Auschwitz. Apocalypse teaches Erik the extent of his own powers and thus Magneto is fully brought back to life, now more powerful than ever. In an incredible scene, Magneto realizes the strength of his power and causes the entire camp at Auschwitz to crumble.

4. Jean Realizes The Extent Of Her Power

At this stage, the viewing audience knows the extent of Jean Grey's powers. However, in the film, Jean (played incredibly well by Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner) is still learning. In the epic final battle, Charles is about to lose as he fights Apocalypse in his mind, but Jean comes to his rescue. Charles orders her to use her powers, telling her that she's ready. Jean releases her energy on both the real-life Apocalypse and the one in Charles's head, which results in one of the greatest scenes in the entire X-Men franchise. Together, the team destroys Apocalypse, realizing in the process that the world will always need the X-Men. The scene was spectacularly done, with outstanding performances from James McAvoy and Sophie Turner.

Apocalypse is an outstanding addition to the X-Men franchise. The entire cast was incredible and together they were even better; Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Munn, Tye Sheridan and Evan Peters and EastEnders alumni Ben Hardy were all amazing. Sophie Turner and James McAvoy were the star performers of this installment and I hope that they return in the future. I find myself looking forward to the next installment because, as Apocalypse proves, the franchise appears to be getting better with each film.

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