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Raj Expresses His Thoughts...

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular TV Shows watched across America and the UK. It's been revealed by one star from the comedy sitcom that the show could be continuing for another five to ten years. This may be a scream of excitement from half of us. The other half will let out some sort of a Monday morning groan.

The actor who plays Rajesh in the show, Kunal Nayyar, is the man behind the rumour that the show could be on our screens for another decade. The show is currently in its ninth Season running and has an audience of 20 million people in total. Kunal believes the show has a lot more to OFFER as he explains before Season 10 goes ahead.

Raj and Sheldon
Raj and Sheldon
“We have one more series in our contract, that's Season 10. Other than that I don't know. But I'll keep doing it for as long as they will have me. We could all have walking sticks doing The Big Bang Theory Season 20. I think realistically there's less time left now than there was on the show before. Maybe it will go to 11, 12 or 13. I will do it as long as I can. But I think it's somewhere in that range." - Kunal Nayyar

If the show was to continue until Season 13, that takes the shows year run up to the year 2020. So this means we will see the popular sitcom on our screens until 2021 before the world is free of it. Despite E4 playing represses until the end of eternity.

Kunal Nayyar plays the character Rajesh in the show, who was originally scared to talk to women. One being Penny played by Kaley Cuoco. Since then Raj has been dating to find the best possible woman for him. Kunal’s character Raj was originally going to be called David until the creators of the show decided to give him an Indian name.

Is The Big Bang Theory something you want to see continue until 2020/2021? Do you think the show has a lot more to offer? If so, vote below and comment your thoughts!


Do You Think The Big Bang Theory Should Continue Until 2020?


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