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It's only been nine days since [Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765)'s cancellation and a petition targeted at bringing the series to Netflix has reached an astonishing 100,000 signatures. The fans have already vented their frustration at the series' cancellation and — unable to let their favorite heroine go — have been pulling out all the stops to save their beloved Peggy Carter. Admirably, they appear to be getting their message across.

100, 000 and rising
100, 000 and rising

Last time I reported on this the petition had amassed 39,000 signatures. In less than a week, it has managed to garner a further 61,000 signatures — an incredibly impressive feat for a series that was thought to be not very popular. In addition to the petition, fans have banded together on social media and frequently use the hashtags and . Two days ago, they managed to get trending again. The committed bunch of troopers would make Peggy proud.

Trending on Twitter!
Trending on Twitter!

Series stars Enver Gjokaj and Bridget Regan tweeted their amazement at the petition and fan support, while Chad Michael Murray has also retweeted the petition. Considering the amount of support, Netflix should at least consider the option of Agent Carter becoming one of their own — especially when you take into consideration the fact that Netflix houses the Marvel original series, including the hugely popular Daredevil.

Check out a promo clip for Agent Carter Season 2:

Agent Carter would certainly be at home on the streaming service and it's clear from all the support that the series would most likely prosper and prove successful with a worldwide audience. Also, the future of Peggy Carter is filled with possibilities and potential storylines — storylines that never got the opportunity to play out while the series was on ABC. A Netflix revival would allow us the chance to see the character go further and the series itself delve into important storylines, like Peggy taking charge of S.H.I.E.L.D.

How about it Netflix? We're ready for another adventure with America's top agent! Perhaps Peggy had better start packing, she may indeed make the jump!

Would you like to see another season of Marvel's Agent Carter? If so, tell me in the comments and sign the petition here.


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