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It looks like FX's Emmy award-winning series Fargo is about to pull a Parent Trap on us, or they could just be saving on actors' wages. In a surprise piece of casting, Ewan McGregor is set to star as the lead in the show's upcoming third season. The Trainspotting and Star Wars actor will play a dual role in the Minnesota-set anthology series.

Based on the 1996 Coen brothers' film Fargo, the series follows in the vein of True Detective, with each season hitting a reset button on story and cast. McGregor will play (both) the Stussy brothers, who are new to the mythos of the show. Emmit Stussy is the Parking Lot King of Minnesota and an American success story, while his brother, Ray, is a balding pot-bellied man who is jealous of Emmit's fortune. Fitting with the show's darkly comedic tone in past seasons, we are sure plenty of blood will soon be dyeing the snow red.

After seeing varying timelines, the new series will be set closer to the present day, reportedly in 2010. The first season, starring Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton, was set in 2006, documenting a mild-mannered insurance salesman who crosses paths with a psychotic hitman. Freeman played Lester Nygaard who, after cracking and murdering his wife, turns to Lorne Malvo for help. It was an instant hit and nabbed two Golden Globes, in addition to three Emmy wins.

Last year, the show's second season aired, and while it was not met with as many awards, it was still critically acclaimed. Set in 1979, it starred Kirsten Dunst and Ted Danson, following the Sioux Falls Massacre, which had been mentioned in Season 1. Patrick Wilson played a young version of Lou Solverson, a retired officer we met in the first season. Both seasons have been overseen by creator Noah Hawley, with the Coen brothers serving as executive producers.

McGregor is the first casting reveal for Season 3, although we do know that we will also see an older version of one of Season 2's characters. Fargo Season 3 is set for a 2017 release date, with production beginning later this year.

Relive Fargo's Season 2 below:

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