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It is fair to presume that we've all seen Captain America: Civil War by now, and can all agree that it was perhaps, the best MCU movie ever! The number of characters that came together on the big screen was spectacular and quite Marvel-ous (If you saw what I did there.)

*Minor Spoilers for Captain America : Civil War and The MCU till now*

Among all these characters that came together, Bucky was the one that stood out in my memory. Sebastian Stan starring as The Winter Soldier in Civil War, portrayed the character amazingly well. Given how much The Russo Brothers are working on developing this character could it be a fair to assume that Bucky could become our very own Captain America?

Avid comic book fans know that the mantle of Captain America has been passed on from one character to another. The Winter Soldier does in fact receive this position. Let's take a closer look at the present scenario.

Chris Evans has a contract with Marvel Studios that is valid for two more films. Evans confirmed in an interview that he will be starring in the Infinity War Part 1&2. So, it is fair to assume the title of the Captain is going nowhere till third installment in the glorious Avengers 3.

In this battle, ensuing between the mad titian, Thanos and The Earth's Mightiest, perhaps something happens which leads to Cap giving up his title. Maybe, Steve finally finds a place where he feels he belongs.

This will definitely lead the secret Avengers without a stable leadership. I say the secret Avengers because I assume that the relationship between Tony and The Captain is still sour. It is also fair to think that this threat that Thanos might pose lead to a strange new bonding between them. No one except The Great and the Powerful Feige knows that.

This leads to our contenders for the mantle. Will it be Cap's old pal Bucky Barnes, a.k.a The Winter Soldier, his formed street runner pal, Sam Wilson, a.k.a The Falcon or perhaps Sharon Carter? (A female Captain America, anyone?)

Captain always gets defensive for his pal. I mean ask the 117 other countries.
Captain always gets defensive for his pal. I mean ask the 117 other countries.

I think, the most probable of all is in fact the Winter Soldier, here's why.

Barnes is a super soldier with the almost identical abilities as Steve Rogers. Strength, agility, speed you name it. He matches Cap in every aspect. All doubts regarding this are removed in both The Winter Soldier's street fight scene and Civil War's Car Chase scene.

Given all that, Bucky has a shared life experience same as the Captain. He lived through a time Captain cherishes. One of the reasons why Cap is such an awesome leader is because Cap was in the army. Guess what so was Buck. There is the requirement for leadership fulfilled.

There's a good point, Buck.
There's a good point, Buck.

Thirdly, Sebastian Stan has a 6- movie contract with Marvel Studios, which outlasts Chris Evans' by at least 3 movies, even if he appears in both the Infinity Wars. We could have our very own trilogy for Buck. Something better would be seeing him lead the new Avengers!

I could go on and on about why Sebastian Stan could be Marvel's next Captain America, but if history is any evidence, Marvel always surprises us when we reach the movie theaters. If by some misfortune, Evans decides to leave the mantle of Cap, perhaps Bucky could be seen in a new light, since it is such a well established character with a lot of potential.

Anything that happens, we'll only know in 2018-19! All this hype is already getting on my nerves!

Could Bucky be the next Captain America, or perhaps you see a new Cap in someone else or perhaps no one else? Do you think the character of Cap would itself be retired, what o you think? Let me know in the comments! I'll be glad to hear.


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