ByNikodim Trashkov, writer at
Nikodim Trashkov

I was one of many people who hated the first Star Trek Beyond trailer. I thought that it looked more like a Guardians of the Galaxy than Star Trek. The new trailer fixes all that and now it actually looks pretty good.

The worst part of the last trailer definitely was the song choice. It was the Beastie Boys song from the first movie and while that song worked in the scene that it was in it just ruined the whole trailer. In the new trailer it has this excellent epic music and it feels right.

we see some new footage that looks great. Idris Elba as the main villain looks very cool but I hope he is not just another generic bad guy. I still don't like that the Enterprise being destroyed again is a major plot point. I think having something new would have been more interesting. I'm also quite skeptical about Justin Lin directing. Associating Star Trek and Fast and Furious just feels wrong to me. It is also why you see combustion engine motorbikes 300 years in the future on a different planet.

But really I can't complain all that much since the trailer made me want to see the movie and it looks like a solid new installment in the franchise. Last note, is that the Enterprise NX-01 at the end?


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