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AMC's Preacher is here tomorrow, and i can't help but tear up, since i've been following this series, since i was a teen, and i can't really believe someone actually adapted it, and with such a talented cast.

Now, thanks to the show, the comic has sky-rocketed in popularity, and i am thankful for that. The crude, hilarious, thought-provoking comic we all know and love has finally come to our screens. And what should we do for this occasion, speculate and tell you, newcomers, what to read before the show kicks into gear. SPOILERS ahead, man, read at your own risk.

The Angelville Arc

Exploring Jesse's past. As a child, whose parents got both taken away from him, after his grandma killed both of them, with his henchmen, named T.C and Jody, who are two of the most f**ked up comic book characters you'll read in a long time. One likes violating chickens, while the other is a coldhearted killer.

Yeah, heard that right, TC is a chicken f***er. That's not me wanking around, right? It's true. But big bad grandma L' Angelle is the true villain here, a sick and disturbing woman, with no sense of remorse, who think she's one with god.

And it's a story with heart, brutalness, humour, but showcases the true might of why Jesse is one of the best characters i've ever read.But one thing i wanna find out is whether John Wayne will appear as this hallucination that Jesse has constantly. John Wayne was a badass ghost/dream thing in the comics.

War In The Sun

War In The Sun is one of my favorite storylines from Preacher. When Herr Starr goes after Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy and a huge army of tanks, the Saint Of Killers joins the show.

It's an action packed issue, with the Saint being a badass, being shot by Tanks, with no scratch over him whatsoever. That's having balls.

But this storyline is remembered as the one 'Jesse falls from a plane and loses his eye' which is exactly what happens. This storyarc carries emotional weight, as it breaks the group apart, and then after the storyline, Cassidy does the most bastard thing to Tulip. Giving her drugs when she's all depressed about Jesse. What. The. Hell, Cass? Which explains that later on the story we find out Cassidy isn't who he makes out to be.


The final storyline of the comic is a heatfelt one, as Jesse has a final confrontation with Cassidy, revealing his eyes and then his death, which is sad and emotional one, nontheless.

Then, he finds the two damn angels, DeBlanc and Fiore. Then, he works with the Saint Of Killers to take down god.

Look, just go read it. It's an amazing storyline, it has to be read.

Will you watch Preacher tommorow night, if so, what's your favorite moment from the comics?


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