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So, after what seemed like an endless, brutal season, The 100 ended Season 3 with about as much doom and gloom as we have come to expect. I recently wrote an article covering, in light of recent events, what the future of the show might be after Season 4 was renewed. Now that the series is finished, however, I have been thinking about the storyline's for Season 4, and whether or not the show will continue beyond.

What we have learned from the Season 3 finale?

"Perverse Instantiation" Parts 1 & 2 were pretty dramatic, brutal, and quite satisfying to watch, as it tied up lots of loose ends while opening doors for Season 4. But what have we learned, and where does it leave the Grounders and the broken members of Sky Crew?

**So, spoilers for the season finale of The 100...**

Source: The CW vis hypable
Source: The CW vis hypable

The Earth's future

The main thing we learned was what was in store for the future of Earth, and it isn't good. ALIE's purpose was to save the human race at all costs, which she tried to do with all of her unconventional methods. She did this because her drones discovered that the nuclear cores from the initial explosions which wiped out the Earth were melting, meaning that in just six months, the surface of the Earth would be unsurvivable.

Ontari had a pretty terrible death

No one else is talking about this, but Ontari had so much potential. As a character, she was ruthless and could have made a serious opponent for the gang in the season to come. Even though I loved to hate her, being beaten over the head til brain dead, having her chest yanked open and her heart forcibly pumped by her former, ahem, friend was a pretty brutal way to end her character.

(Also, I know I should be able to suspend my disbelief but Clarke using a dirty bit of tubing to pump Ontari's night blood through her veins? I think more characters should have died of infection by now.)

Octavia's revenge

This was one of the biggest 'hell yeah!' moments of the episode. When Octavia killed Pike in revenge for murdering Lincoln, I felt that justice had been served. Pike needed to die, and this way Octavia could finally have some closure for Lincoln's death.

Lexa's return

I was over-the-moon that Lexa returned as the flame to protect Clarke in the City of Light, because my love for this character will never die. Her return sort of felt like an attempt at an apology for episode 307, but I neither forgive nor forget the pointless way in which Lexa died, regardless of her appearance in the episode. Having said this, I was still thrilled her and Clarke could share a few more moments together, but I am gutted that this is the last time we may ever see her on the show.

So what could we expect from Season 4?

Jaha's regret

Well, everyone's regret really. One of the most powerful moments of the episode was when everyone under ALIE's control was freed, and cried as they were reunited with the pain she had taken away. I imagine must of Season 4 will spend a lot of time focusing on the psychological effects of ALIE's control, and the terrible things they all did to each other as a result. Jaha, who was under her control the longest, and committed terrible acts as a result, will have a hard time coming to terms with his actions, leading me to believe his role isn't over yet.

Clarke's dilemma

Source: The CW
Source: The CW

Poor Clarke, she just can't catch a break. After having no time to grieve Lexa's death, she will now have to face the fact that she has potentially doomed the human race. After Finn, Mount Weather and Lexa, I'm sure all she needs is the decision whether or not to tell everyone left on Earth that they have 6 months to live.

The race is on to get back into space...

This doesn't look like it's gonna fly again...
This doesn't look like it's gonna fly again...

Like Clarke told ALIE; "we'll figure something."

Well if the series wants to continue they'll have to. My guess is that Sky Crew try and relaunch Arkadia, try to go back into space to escape the Earth.

...Or under the ground

It's also my belief that the Grounder's won't go for the space plan, but may try to bury themselves underground, as potentially they did before. However, with no more night bloods left to lead them (unless somehow Luna decides to take up the task), there is also a power vacuum, meaning that the clans are scattered and Grounder war is probably on the horizon...

What do you think is going to happen in Season 4 of 'The 100'?


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