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Movies based on video game franchises are starting to gain popularity again after the '90s, where most of them turned out to be major flops. Now the same can be said for popular mobile games such as Angry Birds, which had its own movie based off the app hit theaters this weekend. The movie pulled in many mixed reviews yet has grabbed a lot of attention. It's time for Angry Birds to step aside because another popular app franchise is getting its own major motion picture.

Fruit Ninja Movie In Development

Yes, you read that correctly. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vinson Films is teaming up with Halfbrick Studios (creators of Fruit Ninja) to put together a film based on the hit Fruit Ninja mobile games. Producing the project will be Tripp Vinson with appointed writers J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani to work on the script (How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack, Blacklist episode "Kamikaze Love"). Sam White and Tara Farney will be executive producers on the film. The only piece missing from the puzzle is the director. If you guys are thinking, "if Angry Birds did it, why can't Fruit Ninja?" there are two major catches: First of all, this is not being created by Sony Pictures. Whether or not we like the studio, it is one of the biggest ones in Hollywood. And the other catch?

This Will Be A Live-Action Feature Film

Having an animated Fruit Ninja film is one thing, but live-action is on a whole other spectrum. The film is intended to be "a live-action family comedy." No other details have been shared, presumably because the film is still in development. How Vinson Films and Halfbrick Studios are going to team up and successfully make a Fruit Ninja film seems almost unimaginable.

I call this project "a castle in the air" for many reasons. One is that Tripp Vinson and Vinson Films have not created many big films. Considering their biggest film is Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, it doesn't make this concept sound any better.

Check out the Angry Birds trailer below. Do you think a Fruit Ninja movie could have the same success?

Also, Angry Birds already had a solid plot before they created the movie: An evil group of pigs steal eggs from a bunch of angry birds who then try and take them back. Fruit Ninja consists of swiping across a screen, attempting to slice pieces of fruit as they get thrown in the air. How they are going to turn that premise into a major motion film could be anyone's guess.

What do YOU think about a Fruit Ninja film being made? Tell me below!


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