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I disliked (and felt intensely dispirited by) pretty much everything about Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In my view, they were poorly-crafted, cynical movies that completely distorted — and actually left some serious scars on — the two legendary characters they were working with. I was not shy about my distaste, or in trying to get others to recognize it; it was simply unacceptable to me that these movies were acceptable to others. As a lifelong DC fan, who loves Batman and Superman high above all other superheroes, I couldn't stand what was being done to them — through both misguided intention and shabby execution — and was almost physically unable to allow defenses of what we were all asked to behold beyond "I dunno, I just like it" & "I didn't care about all the flaws; I enjoyed the movie anyway."

But all that needs to stop now, I think. Warner Brothers and DC obviously realized how much they screwed up too, as evidenced by the giant power shift within the studio. This change in creative control means they know what we do: that these movies just weren't working on a narrative level or resonating with the public beyond brand loyalists, a tiny but outspoken group of contrarians who mistakenly believe holding unpopular opinions makes them unique, and people seeing it once because it's a huge blockbuster-type movie and that's just what you do with those (regardless of how good or bad they happen to be).

"The night is always darkest before the dawn."
"The night is always darkest before the dawn."

A New Day

And now that this adjustment has happened, it's time for those of us leading the charge against the so-called "Snyderverse" to let this little crusade of ours go. Reality was finally acknowledged; accountability was finally taken; steps for rectification were finally made.

I don't know if this will fix everything, of course. I just know I hope it does, and I'm rooting for it. Deeply. It's time for myself — and all of us participating in the nerd-battle against what DC was allowing to happen to their characters — to take off our skeptical battle helmets and put on our more optimistic "let's just play some ball" caps once more. It's time for each and every one of us to remember what we are, when it's all said and done: fans. And fans need to not allow themselves to become completely cynical/jaded, so that we can still enjoy the things we love.

I'm sure this will be ignored and/or mistaken as some elaborate form of trolling by many of you, but I really don't care. All I wanted was for the reality of the situation over at WB and DC to finally be recognized, on a tangible level, amongst those with a say is where all of this will go... and it was.

If they could get there guys, so can we.
If they could get there guys, so can we.

White Flags & Olive Branches

While my level of romanticism may never rise again above where it was during the Man of Steel trailers (My God, do you remember how unbelievably gorgeous those were?), I will still make sure to get it back up out of the basement it's been resigned to for the last three years, by the sheer force of my own will power. These characters are that important to me, and so giving the studio a second chance is pretty much a pre-requisite in my heart of hearts.

Bottom Line: I want these movies to be good, so much. And I choose to believe they can be now. It might not work out, but I finally have a shred of hope again; that's enough for me at the moment.

And to those of you out there who have, like me, gotten used to slamming practically everything WB/DC has been doing for almost the last three years: I encourage (read: challenge) you all to lay down your swords as well, and give the new guard of Geoff Johns and Jon Berg a real chance here before you instinctively attack, from a perspective based largely on the sins of the past. Don't allow yourselves to keep on doing what you were doing before merely because you got used to that role, and are now unwilling to give up that corner. Don't be that guy (or gal); nobody likes that guy; that guy does nothing for no one.

Let's all just hope for some good movies instead.


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