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In Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4, The Great Lord Baelish makes his first appearance of the season. Littlefinger meets the lord of the vale and the thug who holds the record of being breastfed for the longest time, Lord Robin.

From what we've seen, it looks as though...

Baelish made Robin his puppet...

The boy is so retarded and gullible that if Baelish demands he would probably kill himself. Though Robin is the lord of the vale, it’s almost like Baelish is. He can make him do anything he wants. He gave Robin a caged falcon and it’s almost like he is caging Robin with each move. It’s actually a classical Baelish move and also a Varys type of move. They like to be around powerful people, they like to control powerful people. But they typically don’t want to be the one sitting there.

Anyway, though Ser Royce didn’t quite like him, Lord Robin doesn’t give 1 fuc* and even threatened to kill Royce. And obviously, Robin responded to Baelish’s request of lending his army to help Sansa Stark fight Ramsey Bolton. Robin also mentioned that he is eager to help since she is his cousin.

Lord 'Littlefinger' Baelish
Lord 'Littlefinger' Baelish

So from what we have seen till now, it looks like Baelish will keep pulling the strings and Robin will command accordingly. The Vale army will join Jon Snow’s army and defeat Ramsey Bolton. Baelish will probably even remove Robin if it requires so. Good cousin bond will sustain between Sansa and Robin. The Vale will have good relation with the entire Jon Snow army and will probably remain allies.

However, there’s also a minor possibility that there will be a huge twist in the story.

Lord Of The Vale Robin
Lord Of The Vale Robin

What if Robin actually agreed to help Baelish with the Sansa mission? Because deep in his mind he has plans to take revenge on Sansa Stark?

Remember the time Sansa slapped Robin for breaking the snow Winterfell?

I would not really be surprised if this sick kid actually ends up ordering something crazy just because of that. Maybe he now hates Sansa a lot for that. And it could end in him ordering his army to kill or kidnap Sansa. Robin thought he would get married to Sansa someday so it’s not impossible that he might end up trying to kidnap and marry her. In that Robin-Sansa scene, Robin did show some symptoms we see in psychos. How they were having a normal beautiful conversation and how he lost his mind suddenly.

It’s not necessary that he will do something right now. Maybe they will keep playing allies and there will be that one surprising moment when Robin will suddenly turn his back on them. Stretching it a bit further what if Robin actually saw Baelish killing his mother or it came to his knowledge somehow. So maybe one day when he is in an advantageous situation he will make his move.

But the main obstacle here would be Lord Baelish. The man is so cunningly intelligent he would probably figure it out even if Robin thinks about it. And he is always prepared for such moments anyway. He is the one who had a part in killing the one sitting on the throne- Joffrey. He had Jon Arryn killed which primarily made Robert move to Winterfell and choose Ned as the hand of the King. He made Lysa write to her sister Catelyn and now he is here still riding hard. He is the master of pulling strings. If you think about it with the immense important roles Baelish played till now he could technically be termed as the main character of Game Of Thrones.

Robin will attack Sansa
Robin will attack Sansa

So this will be one interesting thing to look forward to.

However, that being said this is a very weak theory and is unlikely to happen. I just wanted to point out the minor possibility that exists.

We all are seeing Robin as a plain dumb kid so it would really be a stunner if it turns out that he does something really crazy.

What’s your take on all this? Do you have any theories in mind?

Comment your opinion down bellow.



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