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Something just happened to the internet that you can expect to happen pretty regularly until about 2020, or when we stop getting comic book movies.

It just caught on FIRE!

*And with that fire, comes spoilers like the ones below, so turn back now if you hate knowing things before other people know them!*

This time, Marvel Studios did it by announcing all the new cast members for [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858).

Jeff Goldblum will be Grandmaster!

Here are movies you might remember him from:
Just kidding. If you don't know that name, then you might be in the wrong part of the internet!

Tessa Thompson will play Valkyrie.
You may recognize her from Selma:

And more recently, Creed:

Starring as Skurge is Karl Urban.
He played Eomer in Lord of the Rings:

and Bones on Star Trek:

And Cate Blanchett will play Hela!
You might remember her as this nice lady:

Each of those characters will bring all sorts of awesomeness to their characters, no doubt about it.

From the Marvel Wikia page, Ragnarok is, long story short, the Asgardian end of the universe. Earthquakes, crowing cockerels, and the raising of the dead of Hel.

Ragnarok also involves Thor himself battling with a huge serpent whose breath poisons everything. Thor kills the serpent, but its dying breaths also kill Thor.

What I'm saying, is that Thor has a really good chance of dying in this movie. Not a big surprise to quite a few people, but it'll really take a toll on Hemsworth's female fan base, seeing him perish.

Here are where some pretty juicy potential spoilers happen.

According to this site, Hela and Thor go to town, and Hela mops the floor with him and destroys his hammer. Heimdall also dies in a final fight with Loki, with Loki not surviving that fight, either.

Class, a show of hands, please. Who would like to see Idris Elba clean Tom Hiddleston's clock?

Everyone? Great! You all get an A+!

However Marvel decides to let Ragnarok happen, or if those spoilers are even close, it looks like we might see Thor die.

The death of Thor could lead to several more surprises. It's already been announced that Chris Hemsworth will be taking Mjolnir back up for Inifity Wars. But what if Marvel throws a wrench into the works, and gives us a new Thor, either before, during, or after the Infinity Wars? Who could pick up that hammer of his?

Here are some stars I think would do a bang up job!

Alexander Skarsgård

There are several reasons for him being the first pick on this list. Can you name them all, just by looking at Tarzan?

Kellan Lutz

He definitely has the Thor look here-

Oops! Sorry, try again-

He kicked butt as a half-god, why not a full-up god?

Ian Somerhalder

He's going to need something to do after Vampire Diaries, so why not? Grow that hair out, buff up (even more), and lose those fangs!

Emma Stone

One version of the resurrected Thor, after the events of one of the Ragnarok, was a red-headed Thor. Also, in the comics, we recently were introduced to a female Thor:

Female? Red hair? Emma Stone is the best of both worlds!

Michael Ealy

This guy right here sold me on his acting chops in The Following, where he and the rest of the crazy characters actually creeped me the hell out, which doesn't happen too often. I think he could pull off a black Thor, if Marvel sees the need to do a little...what is it called? Racebending? Something like that. Give Michael some long locks, and bam! They already have Idris Elba as Heimdall, so a more brotha-like Thor isn't THAT far of a stretch.

Joe Manganiello

Black hair, extremely tall...I know, he doesn't quite fit the mold for a new/additional Thor. But, what if Marvel decides to bring this guy to the cinematic universe-

They're gonna need a HUGE actor to play him, right?

Plus, with how much Marvel likes to twist the movie stories from the comics, I'm sure they'll please the lady fans and find some way to transform the Korbinite champion Beta Ray Bill to a human form, at least temporarily.


Who has your vote? See below for mine ;)


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