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Ok, so there are a LOT of characters in Captain America: Civil War. So many, that I decided to make a separate picture going over what I think of each of them. So, now that I’ve given you guys plenty of time to go see the movie, let’s go over all of the main/important characters! Just remember that there are spoilers, so you’ve been warned! Also, I’ve alphabetized them to make it easy for you to find any single character of your choice! Or you can just read them all!


Oh my god, he was AWESOME in this movie! He was funny, plus his action scenes were incredible!!! Him riding on Hawkeye’s arrow and going into Iron Man’s suit was sooooo cool!!! And don’t even get me STARTED on Giant Man! Holy shit, Giant Man was AWESOME!!! No joke, that may have been one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in any movie EVER! And adding a Star Wars reference to it was the cherry on top!!! Ant-Man was cool, but Giant Man was SPECTACULAR!

Baron Zemo

He was actually a pretty decent villain! His motives seems fair, and his whole scheme was pretty smart! I wish he had a costume or something, but he may have been one of the best villains in the MCU!

Black Panther

He was such a badass in this movie! His fighting scenes were super cool, and I like how they added a little flair to the music when he showed up on screen! I was excited for his standalone movie before, but now I’m PUMPED!

Black Widow

She was fine in this movie. She didn’t exceed or fail to meet my expectations. She was the only one that changed sides during the fight though, so that’s pretty cool.

Captain America

He was really good in this movie! He used his shield to bounce off of stuff a lot, and it was awesome! I also like how he stopped the bomb by trapping it under his shield, and the fight scenes with him were really good overall!! His motives made sense, and even though I’m Team Iron Man all day every day, I can see where he’s coming from. It was kinda gross how he kissed Sharon Carter though, because he like, dated her aunt and… ew.


He was a pretty cool mini-villain. I didn’t really like him, but having them battle him was a good way to spark the Avengers controversy.


He was really good in this movie! I liked his little Redwing buddy, and I really liked his relationship with Winter Soldier, it was funny to see them fighting for Cap’s friendship!


He was fine.. I don’t really know why he was in this movie honestly. I bet they put him in just to have Ant-Man ride on his arrow. If so, that was totally worth it.

Iron Man

He was pretty good in this movie. His motives made as much sense as Captain America’s, and he had good reason to fight Cap and Bucky at the end on the movie. Having Bucky kill his parents was a really good way to have that final fight take place. His new suit was also really cool!!!

Scarlet Witch

She was good in this movie. Her powers were really helpful throughout the movie, and her relationship with Vision was funny. But I don’t understand where her accent went..

Sharon Carter

She was fine in this movie. I didn’t like that she kissed Cap though, as I said before.


Holy f**kballs. Spider-Man was.. ooh mama.. Spider-Man was.. was… sosososososososososososoSOOOOOO GODDAMN AMAZING! His costume was perfect, and this is the first time where I feel like they nailed Spider-Man!!!! Toby Maguire was a good Peter Parker, but a bad Spider-Man, while Andrew Garfield was a horrible Peter Parker, but a good Spider-Man. Tom Holland was spectacular at being BOTH!! His action was amazing, his commentary was amazing, HE WAS AMAZING!!! It was kinda weird how hot Aunt May was though.. that made me kinda uncomfortable, because I’m used to her being a grandma.. But I’m still SOOOOOOOOOOOO hyped to see his standalone film, even if the name’s crappy.

Thunderbolt Ross

He was fine. Did what he had to do. Yeah. I wish he turned into Red Hulk though, or at least gave some sort of hint that he could..


He was really cool in this movie! I liked him in AOU, but now I think that Vision’s super cool! Him phasing in and out while he was fighting hand-to-hand was really cool, and it was really funny watching him try to be human! I wish he was in the movie more, because he was just missing in some scenes, but when he was there, he was awesome!

War Machine

He was fine in this movie. I’ve never really been for or against him, so.. yeah. It’s kinda weird that he ended up being only paralyzed though, because I thought he’d die.

Winter Soldier/Bucky

He was really cool in this movie! I’m kinda bummed that he didn’t have his face mask on from Winter Soldier (because I really like how he looks with that), but it made sense that he didn’t have it. His motives were clear, and I like how conflicted he was. It also made everything with him more dangerous, because he could go back to his old self just by saying a few words.

So that’s what I thought of all of the main/important characters in Civil War, but what about you? Any points you agree or disagree with? Any characters that really stood out to you? Let’s get a discussion going in the comments, and go read my Impressions of the movie as a whole on my Flickr page! Be sure to give me a follow while you're there!


Who was YOUR favorite character in Captain America: Civil War?


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