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The Preacher television premiere was Sunday night, and with it being my second time seeing the pilot, I can honestly say that Preacher is going to become my (and everyone's) favorite show of all time!

Seeing the violent, humorous, and action-filled adventures of Jesse Custer and Co. on the small screen is an incredible event—one that I can't wait to tune in to every Sunday night!

Preacher is a show that you simply cannot and should not miss! The pilot alone was incredible, so much so that I just have to talk about it. But instead of doing a traditional recap, I thought I'd take a close look at the pilot, and 5 important things that I got from it. Here are 5 takeaways from the Preacher pilot!

1. Cassidy's Introduction Will Go Down As One Of The Best Scenes In History!

If there was one character I was most excited to see jump to the big screen, it's Cassidy! The Irish vampire instantly earned my attention with his quick-wit and hilarious nature!

I was even more excited for Cass' on-screen debut when I saw that Joseph 'Misfits' Gilgun was portraying him! Joe Gilgun is an incredible actor, and I honestly can't see anyone else portraying Cassidy. That's mainly because the actor IS Cassidy. In the sense that he plays him so well that the character might as well have jumped off the comic book pages. Not that he's an Irish vampire...though I'm not entirely sure he isn't...

Cassidy is introduced to viewers for the first time in the best way imaginable, a fight scene. And not just any fight scene, a fight scene in a bar. And not just any fight scene in a bar, a fight scene in a bar ON A PLANE! As if that wasn't epic enough, it ends with Cassidy jumping out of a plane Mary Poppins-style: with an umbrella and a whole lot of hope! Luckily, Cassidy is an immortal vampire, so he survived the fall...albeit with a HUGE flesh wound.

Trust me when I say that this scene is incredible, and will absolutely become one of the most memorable character introduction scenes in television history!

2. Tulip Is The BEST Female Character In A Long Time!

Speaking of epic character introductions, you simply can't ignore the introduction of Ruth Negga's character, Tulip O'Hare! Tulip is Jesse Custer's ex-girlfriend, and a certified bad-ass!

A fact only made clearer by her introduction. We first meet Tulip in a shower scene, because television, before it cuts away to her time in Kansas. Tulip is in a car, speeding through a Kansas cornfield, all the while in a violent fight with some unlucky fellow. The battle ended with the car crashing in front of a house, with Tulip enlisting the two kids who live in that house to help her build a bazooka out of tin cans and duct tape.

Not only does this scene prove how resourceful Tulip is, it also shows how powerful and capable of a character she is. Tulip is a female character with a fiercely powerful side to her, as well as an...odd, but effective, maternal side as well.

3. The Incredible Tom Cruise Joke

The pilot episode of Preacher contains a hilarious joke. It's a quick joke, and definitely not important to the story, but it's so incredible that it's hard to forget. The main premise of Preacher is that a "comet" (not really, but I won't spoil what it actually is for non-book readers) is going around and forcing itself into preachers.

The mysterious comet-like object forcing its way into preachers causes them to literally explode. The episode starts with a pretty explosive scene, and throughout the pilot, more preachers (including the Pope) come face-to-force with the "comet".

During a scene in the pilot, news coverage informs viewers that celebrity, and known follower of the Church of Scientology, Tom Cruise has met the same fate. It's an absolutely hilarious gag, one that only the twisted minds of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg could come up with! Speaking of...

4. The Shocking Ending That Sets The Shows Tone

I already knew that Preacher would be a violent show. A violent and hugely controversial show that's most certainly going to offend A LOT of people, but entertain just as many! Why? Because the comic, written by legend Garth Ennis, is super violent.

With the source material already being controversial, the news that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg had a hand in it is icing on the hyper-violent cake! Seth and Evan usually do raunchy comedies, stuff that's controversial sometimes sure, but not violent. But if you've seen This is the End, you know how crazy Preacher will get!

This is evident by the show's final scene, which shows Anneville resident Ted literally opening his heart to his elderly mother. Like, opening his chest, and pulling out his heart. A scene like this, full of blood and dark humor, truly sets the tone for the series. Buckle in, because the violent ride is far from over!

5. We're Staying In Annville For A Bit, But That's Okay

Fans of the Preacher comic may remember how quickly our main characters left Jesse's hometown of Annville. We didn't stay in Annville for long, being whisked away on a literal journey to find God in just a couple of issues.

The show obviously isn't going to be like that. The series will be staying in Annville for a lot longer than the comic, mainly because it would cost way too much to change the location this early in the season.

But fret not comic lovers, the pilot just proves how the writers can keep us interested in a location that we barely knew in the comics! Full of side characters, as well as our main characters, Annville is about to become a really interesting place. So yeah, the story will be extended a bit, but that just means more seasons of such an incredible new show!

This has been my 5 takeaways from the Preacher pilot! You can check out Preacher every Sunday night on AMC! Trust me, you don't want to miss it.

Thanks For Reading!

What was your favorite moment in the Preacher pilot?


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